High Culture

I knew there were many Russian-speaking tourists in Prague the moment I walked into my hotel room and saw a wall sign explaining that white bath towels are not meant for cleaning shoes and removing makeup. The sign also offered a detailed explanation of alternative (and less messy) ways to perform these tasks.

3 thoughts on “High Culture

  1. Do the valuable towels also have micro-chips embedded in the cloth so that guests can’t steal them when they check out?


  2. I always like to see what languages the hotel restaurant puts up messages in. More than once I’ve seen signs in Russian telling people that they can’t take food from the buffet out of the restaurant…


    1. Everything is great here in Prague, except for the crowds of Russian-speakers. There are so many I wonder who’s left back home. I’m always on high alert around them. It’s probably neurotic but if I liked the company of Russian-speakers, I never would have emigrated.


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