DNA tests show I have Mongolian ancestors somewhere a very long way back. Just like everybody in my part of the world. N has them, too. Just like everybody in the US has some Native American DNA in some tiny proportion.

Should I bill myself as an Asian American at work or would it be very insane and quite offensive?

I know the answer but I wonder if everybody else does.

Pantsuit on Fire

Senator Elizabeth Warren on Monday released the results of a DNA test that she said indicated she had Native American ancestry.

The test indicated the exact opposite, but OK.

Even Trump looks like “a very stable genius” next to some people. Not many but some.

Ben Gurion

We were informed today that if we are collaborating with any scholars at the Ben Gurion University in Israel, we should stop immediately and cease all contact with scholars there. There is also a list of universities in China and Iran we aren’t supposed to work with but does anybody know what’s up with Ben Gurion?

Women’s Sports and Fluidity

Not that I care about women’s sports, but here’s a fun development:

A biological male who identifies as a transgender woman won a women’s world championship cycling event Sunday in California.

Even this kind of job is not safe from fluidity. These are the jobs that can’t be automated away but fluidity is still messing with them.

That’s not an accident. It’s a design. Everything must constantly be in doubt all the time.