Why Opioid Crisis Won’t Be Solved

The opioid crisis won’t be solved because a workable solution has to be two-pronged. On the one hand, pharmaceutical companies need to be smacked down hard and kept in check. And Republicans will resist that to the death. On the other hand, drug cartels need to be prevented from flooding the country with heroin from across the border. And Democrats will resist even recognizing that this is happening.

The “solution” both sides compromised on is to hand over the addicts into a lifelong bondage to the same [fucking evil disgusting piece of vile shit monsters fuck them from here to the moon] pharmaceutical companies that got them addicted in the first place. The pharmaceutical companies switch the addicts from the oxycodone or fentanyl that will kill them very soon to suboxone and Co that will keep them just as addicted but alive to keep bringing in profit.

When you hear about victories in the war on opioids, that’s all it means. Taxpayer money is going straight into the pockets of pharma CEOs to keep crowds of people eternally addicted.

Everybody is so in denial about this that it’s scary.

Nothing Is Enough

I hate seeing the articles which point out that fewer people live in flyover states than in places like California and Co, so these states shouldn’t have as many Congress representatives as they do now.

I live in the most abandoned state in the country. More people leave Illinois than any other state. And I’m thinking, God, these folks have accumulated all of the economic, technological, and ideological power. They have won every culture war. They have done everything to make our states unlivable. And it’s still not enough. They still feel slighted. Now they want to take away one last thing that won’t even out the score in conditions of the erosion of the nation-state, which is their number one cause.

Nothing is enough for them. They won’t rest until they drag everybody into their loony-tunes fluid paradise.