Deconstructing Privilege

I’m very tired and decided to watch a recording of today’s Dr Phil Show. When I saw that the episode was titled “Deconstructing Privilege” and promised to explain what white privilege really means, I thought I was experiencing a mental episode.

God, the freakishness has infected everything. The simple pleasure of a gossipy daytime show has been contaminated by it.

NYTimes: China’s Watchful Eye Reaches Into the Classroom

Soon coming to a classroom near you:

Authorities are combiningMao-era human spying practices with new surveillance technology to ferret out outspoken professors and students who fail to follow Communist Party ideology.

Hey, I once mildly suggested that trigger warnings might not be for everybody and immediately got accused of wanting to re-traumatize rape victims by one of the exalted individuals discussed in the previous post. There are many easy ways to automate the process of condemning evildoers like me based on horrific misdeeds like this one.

NYTimes: The Democrats’ Left Turn Is Not an Illusion

Great article. It confirms everything I’ve been observing. The party I want to belong to has fallen too much under the influence of rich spoiled brats who are utterly out of touch with reality and who are making it hard to want to be associated with them in any way. It’s the Tea-Partization of Democrats. And it’s quite disturbing.

We’ve been discussing recently why only 11% of young people in my area show up to vote. But it’s not that hard to figure out. The exalted language of victimization isn’t one they understand because they aren’t rich enough. What you need to do to reach them is what the article suggests.