The Rant of the Day

People are unbelievably ignorant:

Let’s be clear about this: A person who believes that Jesus is/was the son of G-d and is/was the Messiah is a Christian. “Jews for for Jesus” is a contradiction in and of itself.

My father is an Orthodox Christian. He’s also a Jew who experienced anti-Semitism every day back in the USSR. This was real suffering that smug American bloggers can’t begin to imagine. And then some chatty piece of a hysterical loser comes to inform us who does and doesn’t count as a Jew.

This happens all the time but never stops being extremely annoying. There were millions of Soviet Jews. Millions. None of them practiced Judaism because of the obvious historical reasons. But they never stopped counting as Jews, not during the Holocaust, not during the Stalinist post-war repression, not during the anti-Semitic outbursts of the later Soviet eras.

But some know-it-all American goy has decided we don’t count. Everybody shut up and listen because he’ll tell us who we are. And you know why he thinks he needs to have an opinion? Because it offers him a chance to say – for the quadrizillionth time how much he hates Trump. Because God forbid two seconds pass without him saying it.


I watched Fox News again. There might be a blue wave yet because the hosts are talking in desperate, beseeching tones. So that’s good.

On the negative side, McCaskill seems to have somehow found herself in the midst of a scandal where she’s being called “like a slaveowner” and “Dixie Claire.” I don’t even know what happened but if she starts getting attacked by her own side, her goose is cooked. I now want to beseech people to look into her opponent, Josh Hawley and ask themselves if they really prefer him to Claire.

Job Wars

A fellow is fired over a joke about a minority group (vegans) made in private.

No, it’s not going to happen to us. Our farting jokes from 40 years ago and our quips about poor oppressed vegans will never be used against us to squeeze us out of jobs. Because we are good people. This only happens to bad folks.

This Isn’t New

When I first came to the US as a graduate student, I had to redo all my childhood vaccinations even though I still had visible scars on the injection sites from them. But I had no paperwork confirming that I had been vaccinated back in the USSR 27 years earlier. The really funny part was that it wasn’t the first time I was being re-vaccinated. I’d had to get vaccinated for chickenpox, measles, etc back in Canada when I first arrived and became a student there. And. . . again, being an airheaded student, I didn’t save any paperwork.

I also underwent a very thorough – and quite invasive – medical exam before I was allowed to emigrate.

So I don’t know why people are reacting like this is something new and invented yesterday for the purposes of stoking up fears before the election. Or something that only exists in the US.

Book Lovers

A SCIENTIST accused of attempted murder in Antarctica stabbed his colleague because “he was fed up with the man telling him the endings of books,” it has been claimed.

Scientific engineer Sergey Savitsky, 55, became enraged and stabbed welder Oleg Beloguzov, 52, with a kitchen knife.

I don’t even blame this guy. What else is there to do in Antarctica but read books? I’d cut the idiot into little pieces if he did that to me.

Cool Capitalism

An illustration to Jim McGuigan’s idea that cool capitalism likes to dress up as countercultural rebelliousness because it’s a cheap yet profitable marketing strategy:

I’m experiencing vicarious shame for poor buggers who will buy “pee can resists” and feel like they are making a political statement with it. They will probably photograph it and post on social media.

A New Dirty Word

Oh, now nationalism is a dirty word a of a sudden. How cute. It’s especially cute that it’s being demonized by the people who keep insisting they are in favor of the welfare protections that only a nation-state guarantees and that are eroded all the way into non-existence as the nation-state weakens.

Let’s go worship some more on the altar of fluidity lest anybody decides we are racistsandsexists who doubt the primacy of fluidity.