A New Dirty Word

Oh, now nationalism is a dirty word a of a sudden. How cute. It’s especially cute that it’s being demonized by the people who keep insisting they are in favor of the welfare protections that only a nation-state guarantees and that are eroded all the way into non-existence as the nation-state weakens.

Let’s go worship some more on the altar of fluidity lest anybody decides we are racistsandsexists who doubt the primacy of fluidity.


7 thoughts on “A New Dirty Word”

  1. This has been the case in Europe for a long time where (at its most extreme) pundits make a point to not distinguish levels or kinds of nationalism treating them all as pure fascism….
    In the US I’m sure that has to do with Trump actually naming the nation state as a force for good so there’s going to be a progressive backlash because they are giddily in love with the sense of outrage he provides them.


    1. Yesterday an eager lady on CNN chirped, “Nationalism! We all know what this word means! When I hear it, I know it’s a dog-whistle for white nationalism!” The cheerful, aggressive stupidity is frankly scary.


      1. Yesterday morning a chirpy young lady said exactly the same thing on MSNBC. You literally can’t tell the two channels apart anymore.


  2. I was wondering the other day if you were going to comment on this–I heard several discussions of nationalism on cable news the other day. But as much as I hate Trump and believe he’s a racist bigot, I have to say that the TV pundits are really choosing to
    ( mis)interpret this word in a way to continue to bash Trump non-stop. Think, for example, of how many leftist Third World countries proudly proclaim they are nationalist. Or from a conservative point of view, nationalism is just another word for the not-too-controversial concept of American exceptionalism.


    1. This is the most rambling, confused and unintelligent rant I have read in a while. I believe that the fans of fluidity and globalized are a threat to the nation-state. That doesn’t make me an anti-Semite.

      Trump has nothing whatsoever to do with this terrorist. The terrorist hated Trump. But this is a pretty nifty trick. Anybody who questions globalization and the assault on the nation state is labeled a racist, an anti-Semite, and God knows what else. What this particular dumb broad stands to gain from globalization is a mystery but she will do its dirty work happily.


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