Cool Capitalism

An illustration to Jim McGuigan’s idea that cool capitalism likes to dress up as countercultural rebelliousness because it’s a cheap yet profitable marketing strategy:

I’m experiencing vicarious shame for poor buggers who will buy “pee can resists” and feel like they are making a political statement with it. They will probably photograph it and post on social media.


5 thoughts on “Cool Capitalism”

  1. “pee can resists”
    Where I come from, we pronounce ‘pecan’ as p’KAHN, with the caps indicating a strongly accented syllable, and the apostrophe indicating an essentially absent vowel following the ‘p’. Ben and Jerry’s has supported progressive causes for decades, ever since the company was founded. I am sure it is effective marketing, but it clearly is based in the owners’ personal political commitment.

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  2. Guilty confession, I don’t think I’ve ever had any Ben and Jerry’s, the idea of eating something made by hippies (having seen hippy ideas of hygene close up….) had no appeal whatsoever. Yes, I realize it’s made in factories that have to meet sanitary standards, but I could never get the image of dirty hippies out of my head. Also I mostly prefer lighter and/or simpler frozen treat flavors (vanilla, cream, citrus, berries) to heavy combinations.


    1. It’s also too damn expensive! A quart of Ben and Jerry’s plain vanilla ice cream costs $12 at my local supermarket, while the in-house brand of ice cream costs a mere $2 a quart, and tastes exactly the same.


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