The Rant of the Day

People are unbelievably ignorant:

Let’s be clear about this: A person who believes that Jesus is/was the son of G-d and is/was the Messiah is a Christian. “Jews for for Jesus” is a contradiction in and of itself.

My father is an Orthodox Christian. He’s also a Jew who experienced anti-Semitism every day back in the USSR. This was real suffering that smug American bloggers can’t begin to imagine. And then some chatty piece of a hysterical loser comes to inform us who does and doesn’t count as a Jew.

This happens all the time but never stops being extremely annoying. There were millions of Soviet Jews. Millions. None of them practiced Judaism because of the obvious historical reasons. But they never stopped counting as Jews, not during the Holocaust, not during the Stalinist post-war repression, not during the anti-Semitic outbursts of the later Soviet eras.

But some know-it-all American goy has decided we don’t count. Everybody shut up and listen because he’ll tell us who we are. And you know why he thinks he needs to have an opinion? Because it offers him a chance to say – for the quadrizillionth time how much he hates Trump. Because God forbid two seconds pass without him saying it.


12 thoughts on “The Rant of the Day”

  1. Oh, they’re talking about the Jews for Jesus organization. It’s a very specific, evangelizing group, US based. And that rabbi was defrocked in 2003.


      1. They say they are both Jewish and Christian, but they aren’t recognized as practicing Judaism by any mainstream Jewish religious organization I know of


  2. “they never stopped counting as Jews”

    Well who is an isn’t Jewish seems to differ in different places and times. Discussing the issue in English is hard since there isn’t any convenient way of disambiguating ethnic and religious identity. I might suggest Jewish for the ethnicity and Judaic for the religion but most people
    Russian speaking culture concentrates on ethnicity and keeping people in “national” boxes so that Russian (or Ukrainian) and Jewish were mutually exclusive. In central Europe the Russian approach existed but alongside a mentality that a Jew who converted to Christianity wasn’t Jewish anymore so that Polish (or Hungarian) and Jewish overlap at times.
    AFAICT some decades ago there was a concentrated effort by American Jews to eliminate the idea of Jewish ‘ethnicity’ among non-Jews in favor of defining Jewishness in religious terms alone (this was possibly part of assimilation efforts). I do remember hearing that the term “Ethnically Jewish” (used by some Jews) was inaccurate and shouldn’t be used. And there was also the phenomenon of religious conversion to Judaism which, while not common, did times happen.

    I agree the author is crushing on Trump but he’s also expressing an idea that, as far as I can tell, was promoted for decades by American Jews themselves. Of course it won’t make sense to a Soviet person.


    1. Orthodox Christians are not permitted to immigrate to Israel even if they are ethnically Jewish. This stance does not have to come from not experiencing sufficient antisemitism.

      On the other hand, millions of Soviet Jews were welcomed with open arms as long as they were atheist (or practicing Judaism), not not Christianity or Islam.

      \ AFAICT some decades ago there was a concentrated effort by American Jews to eliminate the idea of Jewish ‘ethnicity’ among non-Jews in favor of defining Jewishness in religious terms alone

      In Israel the definition of a Jew is either a convert (usually in cases of a Jewish father but not a Jewish mother) or somebody ethnically Jewish who does not practice another religion except Judaism (or is an atheist).

      Israeli Jewish women who convert to Islam and marry Arabs (very rare cases) stop counting as Jews in several ways as far as I know.

      Btw, when I heard that Germans today often refer to Jews as coreligionists (is it true?), I became angry since a people has a natural right to a nation state, not a religion. First, they kill millions of Jews using ethnicity as a guide and now, when it became convenient, they deny that a Jewish ‘volk’ exists? That’s why I was so against you defining a Jew by religion alone, cliff. It is often used to deny we have national rights. Nobody in Europe talks of Palestinians as coreligionists.


      1. “why I was so against you defining a Jew by religion alone, cliff”

        What do I know from Jews? I was repeating what I’d learned (from American Jews, basically). I know a bit more now.
        Again, English needs separate words to distinguish the ethnic group (like Clarissa’s dad) from ethnic non-Jews who practice Judaism (like Ivanka Trump or Sammy Davis Jr).
        She’s Jewish (ethnic) vs He’s Judaic (religion) works for me, but spreading that will take time and effort (especially from English speaking Jews who might not be interested).


        1. // She’s Jewish (ethnic) vs He’s Judaic (religion) works for me, but spreading that will take time and effort (especially from English speaking Jews who might not be interested).

          I am not interested either since it is in the interest of the Jewish people (as an ethnic group with a specific history, culture and so on) to “adopt” Judaics, as you called them, into our ‘volk’. Usually, those are people married to Jews who may be on the road to assimilation into the Jewish people, as it usually happens in Israel.

          On the other hand, ethnic Jews who practice other religions are practicing assimilation into non-Jewish majority. Unlike most Israeli Jews, I am 100% for assimilation for Jews outside of Israel, but I am also for honesty from the assimilating Jews too.

          I was the one serving in IDF, am the one contributing to continuation for Jewish people as a separate people like Germans or Ukrainians and paying the price for it too with living in a bloody conflict. Saying “we are also 100% Jews like you” when one has 100% chosen a path of assimilation is not fully honest.

          Clarissa, I know this is a painful topic for both of us and hope you understand what I mean. I had no desire to hurt anyone and have only deepest respect for you. I did decide to write what I think since I believe there is a major element of (sometimes uncomfortable) truth in my position too.


  3. As a continuation to your old post regarding religious fanatics in Israel:

    Here is the update from the city’s municipal elections:

    // In a stunning upset, religious-Zionist mayoral-candidate for Beit Shemesh Aliza Bloch has won the race to city hall and narrowly beat her haredi rival and incumbent Moshe Abutbul by just over 500 votes.

    The result constitutes a veritable revolution in the city whose population has become majority haredi in recent years, and where strong inter-communal disputes have arisen due to mismanagement by the mayor and his administration and the actions of extremist haredi elements in the city.

    “The people of Israel look today to Beit Shemesh with new hope,” she said. “Beit Shemesh decided to cancel its walls. Beit Shemesh decided to tear down its dividers.”

    Bloch used the word for the barrier that separates men and women in a synagogue.

    “What won this journey is that we all put our differences aside and focused on what is truly important,” she said. “From today, Bet Shemesh will be a model for the nation.”


  4. Slightly off-topic, but the writers of the multiple articles in left-wing media condemning Pence for bringing a Messianic rabbi to Pittsburgh really couldn’t care less about “how Jewish” Pence’s guest was — the partisan articles were written solely as a political attack on Pence.

    Everybody knows that was their only true purpose.


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