Friendly Promotion

Folks, if you are tired of me, there is a new Ukrainian blogger to check out. And her English is great.

Ukrainians rule.


5 thoughts on “Friendly Promotion”

    1. “In academia, if you are not critical of Israel in some way, you are not going to be celebrated by your peers, you probably aren’t going to get a promotion so easily.”

      OK, that is frankly ridiculous. Promotion and tenure is a highly formalized process that is all about checking off boxes on a predetermined list of teaching, research and service obligations.

      Israel is of very little interest to most academics and it’s never even been part of the boiling hot debates we’ve had on my campus.


      1. “You won’t get this kind of response against an Iranian speaker, against a Russian speaker, against a Chinese speaker – even if they are government officials. ”

        Again, this is simply not true. The largest university protest I have witnessed was when the Chinese leader came to Yale. There was an enormous crowd protesting against China’s human rights violations.


        1. “They would never say anything like this about another LGBT person or person of colour, but because I am Israeli, it is somehow legitimate”

          And this is simply naive. Any African American, for instance, or Hispanic person who don’t agree with the party line are vilified, humiliated and heaped with racist abuse. And it’s the same for immigrants.


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