I don’t like Soros either and it’s obviously not because I’m anti-Semitic. I had no idea he was Jewish when I first started disliking him. When I found out he was a Jew, I started disliking him less.

The reason why I’m not a fan is that I’m Eastern European and I dislike all of the smug Western do-gooders who descended on the region after the collapse of the USSR to push their ideology – whatever it might be – onto the confused and desperate post-Soviets. I dislike the feminists, the neoliberals, the think-tankers, the preachers, the Jehovah’s witnesses, the Mormons, the motivational speakers, and everybody who showed up to exploit the post-Soviet confusion and poverty. The feminists, the preachers, the Mormons and the Soroses who stayed home I have no problem with.


6 thoughts on “Soros”

  1. It doesn’t help that he grew up in Hungary in the 30’s and left as a young man? It isn’t quite like he just showed up out of nowhere. Lots of Hungarians have particularly pessimistic view of their country’s history (even compared to other countries with propensities toward pessimism…just check out their national anthem) in general communism with Soviet domination being the latest in what they consider a string of historical tragedies. I would imagine that at least some of his motivation there is wrestling with the country’s entire history, a dark chapter of which he witnessed himself.


    1. I honestly had no idea it existed. I have very little knowledge about Hungary.

      What bothers me is, as I said, the frenetic activity these Western do-gooders engaged in the FSU space. Why did they come? We didn’t need them there.


      1. Soros is pretty much responsible for the library I spent most of the time I should have been attending classes in, so I’m quite thankful for that part of the meddling.


  2. I had a friend who’d lost savings from 10 years of work due to Soros’s currency speculation in the UK (Black Wednesday) so I’ve always despised him, finding out he’s Jewish had no effect on that (I despise currency speculators more than people who kill kittens for fun so take that for what it’s worth).

    On almost any issue, his position is the polar opposite of mine since he’s a leading agent of the Fluid non-State.

    On the other hand, I’ve known some nice people who’ve attended his Central European University in Budapest, on the other hand the curriculum is deracinated and disconnected from the reality on the ground in Central Europe (AFAICT).


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