I Voted!

And in true American fashion, I got a sticker for participating.

In the end, one young lady in her twenties and one young gentleman in his thirties did appear in the line.

Hey Mommy

For the fourth time, I have parked too close to the curb and tore off the front bumper. Klara was in the car and she accompanied the process with rapid-fire,

“Hey Mommy, what’s that noise? Hey Mommy, why did you say drat? Hey Mommy, what happened? Hey Mommy why do you say you are frustrated? Hey Mommy, why did you break the car? Hey Mommy, do I get treats because you breaked the car? Hey Mommy, are you a good driver? Do you follow the rules, Mommy? We have to follow the rules to be good drivers, Mommy. Hey Mommy, can you do it again? Funny Mommy! Hey Mommy!”

Early Voting

I couldn’t take the tension any more and showed up to vote early. There’s a long line of eager voters, which I didn’t expect. It’s lunch hour but the gentleman in front of me in the line said that earlier in the day the line was several times longer and went all the way out into the street.

It’s great to see the enthusiasm. I have an hour I can spend in this line and after that I’ll have to leave for an appointment. I hope I do manage to vote today because it’s a big deal for me finally to be able to vote.

Me and Me

This is snowflakery taken to the absolute extreme. The author of the linked piece argues in the Chronicle that it should be OK not to cite in your academic work people who are jerks. Of course, the highly scholarly term “jerk” can be applied to absolutely anybody, including the linked author. This can be a great excuse for people who are not well-read and don’t follow developments in their field.

“Why didn’t you cite all these scholars who have published extensively on your subject?”

“Because they are jerks! Everybody but me is a total jerk, so my scholarship is a dialogue between the only two worthy individuals in academia, me and me.”

Take Back the Party

An interesting article on the culture divide within the Democratic party:

Energized progressives are thrilled with their momentum in the Trump era. But the party’s blue-collar base might not want what the new left is delivering.

I’m not blue collar but I definitely don’t want the totalitarianism that the spoiled rich whiners are trying to deliver. The article correctly points out that all of these vapid, mumbly Ocasio-Cortezes are idols of the bored rich bullies who will mow down any and all of the “downtrodden” in whose name they like to speak.

I hope that the party’s working, immigrant, black and Hispanic base will finally get fed up with these “resistance brats” and tell them to stick their speech codes, their outraged moaning, and their diversity statements up their snooty rich asses.

If you don’t have time to read the whole article, read only the very end. It explains how the stupid, preening posturing by the airheaded Ocasio-Cortez killed an affordable housing project in Queens. This obviously isn’t just about her. It’s about all these dumb little meme-lovers who love to rant but don’t like to work. And who don’t care how bad they make things for others as long as they get a chance to self-congratulate.