Hey Mommy

For the fourth time, I have parked too close to the curb and tore off the front bumper. Klara was in the car and she accompanied the process with rapid-fire,

“Hey Mommy, what’s that noise? Hey Mommy, why did you say drat? Hey Mommy, what happened? Hey Mommy why do you say you are frustrated? Hey Mommy, why did you break the car? Hey Mommy, do I get treats because you breaked the car? Hey Mommy, are you a good driver? Do you follow the rules, Mommy? We have to follow the rules to be good drivers, Mommy. Hey Mommy, can you do it again? Funny Mommy! Hey Mommy!”

4 thoughts on “Hey Mommy”

  1. A friend with 2 children described their different personalities in the car – one of them’s shouting ‘go FASTER, mummy!’ and the other gives a round of relieved applause at the end of a journey .


  2. She’ll be relating this incident to random people for the next year or so… if she’s anything like my kids 😐


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