I Voted!

And in true American fashion, I got a sticker for participating.

In the end, one young lady in her twenties and one young gentleman in his thirties did appear in the line.

15 thoughts on “I Voted!”

  1. Congratulations, Clarissa! Now you’ve fully participated as an American citizen in our country’s democratic process! ๐Ÿ™‚


        1. I have spent years in this country and I still fail to comprehend the battles over the voter ID. I understand the argument that it’s designed to exclude minorities from voting. But I still don’t get how it makes sense to have these convoluted voter registration procedures but no ID.

          Is there voter ID in Canada? I never voted there so I don’t even know.


          1. “the argument that itโ€™s designed to exclude minorities from voting”

            How? if a person can’t drive in some states they can still get a photo ID (from the driver’s licence agency in Florida) and it’s hard to do much of anything without a photo ID. The number of people burdened by a photo ID requirement is probably small (and if they can’t get it together enough to get an ID…. how informed will their voting be anyway?)


        2. โ€œCan I see your driver’s license but voter ID is not required by law!โ€

          This is a self-contradictory statement: A state driver’s license is a photo ID!


            1. When I moved, I went to the Supervisor of Elections office to update my registration, the elections worker collapsed in a fit of laughter upon seeing the names on my ID.


          1. Can I see your driverโ€™s license but voter ID is not required by law!โ€

            This is a self-contradictory statement: A state driverโ€™s license is a photo ID!

            I take it to mean 1)a poll worker not a poll watcher asked (because if it was a watcher I call shenanigans) and 2)they weren’t going to turn her away if she didn’t have it with her for some reason.


          2. I live in a different state and we are asked for ID, but it isn’t required. Here the poll workers have a device to scan the ID and it pulls you up on registration list so that they can check you in very quickly. If you don’t give them the ID or don’t have it, they can look you up with your last name, birthdate, and address, but that it slower.


        3. It obviously depends on the state. It sounds like in Illinois, it is not. In Florida, it is. I sent in my ballot, because in the past my early voting site was downtown and the lines were long. I’ve seen elderly people faint in line. In the suburbs, it’s never taken me very long at all.

          It’s a good thing that Clarissa’s early voting had a lot of people voting, but it wasn’t so backlogged she wasn’t able to vote in person in the middle of the day.


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