Liveblogging Early Voting

Now there is a huge line behind me, too. Not a single person in the line is younger than me. Except for two small kids who are here with grandpa. Most people are retirement age. A few are in their fifties, I’d say.


2 thoughts on “Liveblogging Early Voting”

  1. These updates make me wanna do early voting and compare. But my election day polling place is so close to my house…

    I did early voting in 2016, and there were plenty of young people, and most people in line were black. This is a midterm though, so it could be different. I won’t be stuck in line for 3 and a half hours this time around, that’s for sure! Though I don’t want to repeat that experience, I hope whatever line I’m in is a little long so I can bond with people in line.


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