Take Back the Party

An interesting article on the culture divide within the Democratic party:

Energized progressives are thrilled with their momentum in the Trump era. But the party’s blue-collar base might not want what the new left is delivering.

I’m not blue collar but I definitely don’t want the totalitarianism that the spoiled rich whiners are trying to deliver. The article correctly points out that all of these vapid, mumbly Ocasio-Cortezes are idols of the bored rich bullies who will mow down any and all of the “downtrodden” in whose name they like to speak.

I hope that the party’s working, immigrant, black and Hispanic base will finally get fed up with these “resistance brats” and tell them to stick their speech codes, their outraged moaning, and their diversity statements up their snooty rich asses.

If you don’t have time to read the whole article, read only the very end. It explains how the stupid, preening posturing by the airheaded Ocasio-Cortez killed an affordable housing project in Queens. This obviously isn’t just about her. It’s about all these dumb little meme-lovers who love to rant but don’t like to work. And who don’t care how bad they make things for others as long as they get a chance to self-congratulate.


20 thoughts on “Take Back the Party”

  1. I’m not blue collar but I definitely don’t want the totalitarianism that the spoiled rich whiners are trying to deliver.

    I think the only people trying to “deliver totalitarianism” are the Republicans who work systematically to prevent people they do not like (i. e., non-white) people from voting.


    1. Let’s agree that I actually experienced totalitarianism and you didn’t, right? 🙂

      I recognize much of what Democrats are doing as inspired by totalitarianism. Voter ID laws aren’t it. It was easy to vote in the USSR but the problem was that there was nobody to vote for. People who didn’t spout the correct ideology using the strictly defined vocabulary were excluded from public life. And that’s exactly what these activists are trying to do.


          1. “There are many things under the moon, my friend Horatio, that distinguish tourism from immigration.”

            Does being an academic exchange scientist, living on a Polish salary the same as my colleagues, constitute being a tourist? It never seemed so.


            1. Of course, a visitor from the US could never begin to experience how we really lived. Tell me, were you ever forced to interrupt your work for weeks on end and go sort rotting cabbage at a warehouse or work in the fields, at least? Because without this, the experience of a Soviet academic is not complete. :-)))


  2. The article convinced me that killing
    an affordable housing project in Queens was a goal rather than a side effect. The new Democratic woke voters do not want their property values to go down.


    1. I’d respect these people more if they actually had a plan in place and carried it out. But I’m afraid they don’t. It’s all about feeling virtuous in the moment and spouting the correct verbiage. I don’t think there’s a goal beyond that.


  3. I figure both parties to be elitists, and that they exist primarily to serve the “trophy bastard” civilian monarchs—be they the wealthy or the upper-echelon portion of the “average” dumb-clucks.


  4. The problem is that idiots are more likely to vote in the primary. Also some candidates of the idiots have some crossover appeal with normal people, which helps them even more; Kamala Harris seems to be this way, unfortunately. I hope someone runs in 2020 who energizes regular people, or who manages to appeal to the crazies without being too crazy themselves.


    1. Young people like you are the future of the party. This is who the politicians should be appealing to. This is why I say that we need to take the party back and make it about the really important stuff: Labor, battling the opioid epidemic, welfare protections, etc.


    2. What does it say that “idiots” and “crazies” are more engaged and more organized to vote in primaries than normal people?

      Speaking of idiots and crazies, I keep getting text messages from the Republican party. Including one purporting to be from Trump asking about my early vote, right at the same time I got a rude hangup call calling me an “asshole” and hanging up. Apparently, saying “Good morning” and “You have the wrong number” is provoking. LOL.


      1. I go on FB, see what my friends and colleagues have to say about politics and decide not to vote because I don’t want to be part of the crazy movement. Then I turn off the FB and come to my senses. But I can understand why normal people are turned off by the circus.


        1. I’m somewhat involved in politics (not as much as I should be), and I can tell you it gets very frustrating dealing with fellow Democrats at times (Republicans can also be very annoying but it’s easier to ignore when it’s on the other side.) It feels especially hopeless if you manage to convince yourself that the “progressive activists” (as mentioned in that one study) are the majority. Learning that they’re only 8% of the population was a great relief; they’re so loud!


      2. It says that the rest of us need to keep it up! It also says that the “crazies” in question tend to be college educated white people, who are way more likely to vote in primaries than poor or working class people.


  5. Slightly off-topic, but have you noticed how pro-Democratic pundits on the cable news shows and even the New York Times are suddenly expressing outrage that abused U.S. military personnel are being “separated from their families and sent thousands of miles” (a direct quote from CNN today) to — hold it! — to the Mexican border — where they’ll be in no danger of being shot at, or blown up by an IED, or otherwise facing mortal combat.

    I don’t recall any neo-liberals weeping for all the troops deployed to Afghanistan or Iraq.


    1. I know! Obama said this in his speech yesterday. The same Obama who had no problem invading like a maniac. It’s pathetic.

      And I always did and still do love Obama and consider him the most talented politician since FDR.


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