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Democrats Should Just Give Trump His Wall

Then get to work on what really matters.

The opposition to the wall has not been articulated in a logical and coherent way. There is currently no argument behind the opposition to the wall that is based on anything but dumb obstructionism. “It’s not going to work anyways,” which is why I don’t support it, is not an argument. It’s an emotion.

If nobody came up with such an argument in over two years, that must mean it doesn’t exist. Dumb obstructionism energizes the cuckoo wing but it’s energized already and is too small to win anything.

4 thoughts on “Good Suggestion”

  1. rolleyes
    Money that goes to dumb shit by definition is not going to less dumb shit.

    But I haven’t thought about the wall because now I wonder if we’re going to start a stupid war with Mexico and then freak out over annexing more of Mexico for another hundred years. Dumb wars are extremely popular with the electorate. [serious pundit voice]

    Also with stupid wars, some idiotic politician will claim we have a deficit and therefore we can’t have Social Security and Medicare anymore because taxes are evil and nobody should have nice things because it’s socialist.

    I don’t see the point in hectoring Democrats about giving Trump anything when the Republicans control both houses of Congress. If he couldn’t get wall funding by now that’s on him and the party leadership.

    I also don’t see the point of bipartisanship for its own sake. The opioid bill served an active good so it made sense that it garnered Democratic votes.

    I ask you, what active good do you think the wall will serve? Because I don’t think it will quiet down “the cuckoos” in the Democratic party or the Republican party which is all cuckoo, all the time. [At least my current state senate and state reps have the sense to lay off the nuttiness in their flyers (which is why my local paper recommended them), but otherwise?]


    1. The wall will be part of our dedication to preserving the nation-state. Yes, that’s mostly symbolic value. But the nation-state only exists because of symbolism.


    2. ” I wonder if we’re going to start a stupid war with Mexico”

      Rumor has it that Trump is in the grips of the blood-sucking war-mongering neocons and that he’s about to replace Jim Mattis with Gaffney (at Bolton’s urging).
      If that happens then war with Iran is much more likely…. and worse for everyone.
      I hate the neocons more than any other faction in American politics and would support anyone who pledged to have none of them in their cabinet or inner circle.


  2. Trump is about deficit spending, including spending money on things with no practical value. One theory proposed by the far right a decade ago was to basically bankrupt the Federal government in order to eliminate all social programs, including by the way, public education. No public schools, no state colleges, nada. The wall is a waste of money and doesn’t prevent people from doing what they all already doing with the existing fence — tunneling, climbing over, swimming around, or with the drug cartels, using private submarines and aircraft to circumvent it. What’s a wall going to do that the current infrastructure isn’t? Nothing. Can we afford that kind of waste?

    Symbols are one thing, exhaustive waste is something else.

    The same problem exists with the nuclear program. We already have sufficient nukes to kills every person on the planet at least three times. Trump wants more? Why?

    However, we aren’t worried about the Chinese colonizing the moon and from them being able to observe (and steal) anything they want. The space program was “productive spending” that paid dividends for decades back to the US economy and standard of living.

    Instead, we’re using deficit spending on infrastructure to prop up the economy, and frankly, the wall is just one element of that. The myriad highway projects are part of it as well. Without that spending, the economy would be in decline. The tariffs by themselves are tanking US exports — a consistent downward trend all year. No effect on imports by the way, just on exports. That will change after the election, when the GOP (according to McConnell) also will launch its assault on Medicare and Social Security.

    Neither party is promoting productive spending, and that’s a problem. Defense spending is extraordinarly wasteful, as in the recent example of the $1200 coffee mugs. Fixing potholes isn’t investing in the future. Welfare spending without job training does next to nothing in terms of helping people. Training people for nonexistent jobs isn’t functional either. Right now, neither side has an agenda to address underlying problems in the society, and ultimately that will create a train wreck on monumental proportions.

    Bloomberg was right. When inequality in this country gets bad enough, we will see social upheaval and massive violence, dwarfing what we have now. War has always been the principal means of population control through human history. Dr. Guillotine will visit the US.


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