I Need a New News Feed

This is my news feed:

Trump’s Reign of Terror Will Be Upended on Tuesday

Sometimes I Still Can’t Even Believe This Fu@#er Is the President

Hi, it’s Stupid: Election Edition

Elite Journalism Is Filled With Racist White Supremacists

gender letter: They Challenged the Status Quo. On Tuesday, They’ll Find Out Who’s With Them.

We Won’t Be Able To Deprogram Them (them stands for “elderly white people).

Obviously She Was A Crack Ho Like All Black Women

And it’s much much worse on Facebook. I go on FB to post something for sale and fumble with the keyboard to get on the Marketplace as fast as I can to avoid seeing the feed. I can’t take any more links like “Bear bites man in Magadan, Trump is clearly to blame” and “Archeologists discovered that Trump caused the fall of the Roman Empire.”


9 thoughts on “I Need a New News Feed”

  1. To be honest it seems like half the country has been having a giant temper tantrum for the last two years.
    I keep thinking they’ll run out of steam and exhaust themselves into something more reasonable…. but not yet.
    We’ll see what Tuesday brings (if there are big democratic gains I’m expecting the tantrum to get louder…)


  2. This is my news feed
    Maybe stick to science (excluding climate change?). Fashion is good for escapism (Tom and Lorenzo is free of political meltdowns) as is organizational blogs (prettyprintsandpaper.com). Golf blogs? Instant sleep aid — even though I did catch an interesting interview with Condi Rice on this show



    1. Fashion! Fashion, you say! I was subscribed to a dumb little fashion blog that peddled ultra expensive skin treatments. It was all super cute, super dumb, and super expensive. Obviously, I wasn’t buying anything they recommended but it was an escapist thing.

      And then two weeks ago they started publishing hysterical “Trump made my $2,000 facial cream wither right off my face” pieces.

      I’m fully expecting Klara to come home from school to inform me how Trump broke all the toys and ate all the mini muffins.


      1. I’m fully expecting Klara to come home from school to inform me how Trump broke all the toys and ate all the mini muffins.
        That’s why I suggested specific sites I know that aren’t wall to wall freakouts.


  3. Woah! I read your posts and feel like a total ultra-liberal no-brained Trump-basher at times… but my feeds do not look nearly this bad. No wonder why you think “the resistance” is ridiculous if this is what you see all the time.


      1. Well, we’ll know in two days how all this nonsense shakes out.

        In the meantime, don’t forget to set your clocks back an hour tonight! (Those of us smart enough to live in Arizona don’t have to. 🙂 )


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