Subject to the Jurisdiction Thereof

Everybody sees things from their own perspective and based on their own experience. We all know that I’m a Russian-speaking immigrant, and that gives me some insight into the Russian-speaking aspects of different issues. That also skews my vision in this direction.

Rich Russian-speaking bastards come to the US to have babies and get them US passports. Rich, in the Russian-speaking parts of the world, means a total bastard and criminal every single time. Two minutes ago I went on FB (I’m at work, sitting at an event where I have nothing to do but skim the Internet) and stumbled across yet another utterly cynical and disgusting discussion by these rich baby tourists.

I see absolutely no good purpose being served by handing out US passports to these people who only want a foothold in the US to launder money, avoid criminal prosecution in the US, or engage in criminal activities. I also don’t see how they are “subject to the jurisdiction thereof” if they are not even fucking here. I had to wait 15 years for my passport while living here, paying taxes, being a responsible resident, not breaking any rules, and clearly being “subject to the jurisdiction thereof.” The only advantage these bastards have over me is that they are dirty rich. And they are rich because they robbed people like me blind, forcing some of us (although admittedly not me) to leave the country.

So how is it fair or good to reward them for their ill-gained profits? Yeah, there aren’t that many of them, blah blah. That’s not helping me feel the unfairness any less acutely. There is a whole industry catering to these folks who come not only from the FSU, obviously, but from everywhere. And they don’t tend to be good people for obvious reasons.


5 thoughts on “Subject to the Jurisdiction Thereof”

  1. I don’t think ending birthright citizenship would change rich people getting citizenship wherever they want. The country would still have some process to obtain citizenship. Instead of them coming in to have babies, billionaires would just buy their way in some other way. Meanwhile people who were born in and grew up in this country to parents who immigrated illegally wouldn’t have the money to become citizens and would fall into some permanent DACA-type status.

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  2. Just read this and thought. Why doesn’t Germany for instance offer her asylum? Or Sweden? Accepting more than a million people is OK (partly economic migrants and partly refugees), but when somebody’s life is truly in danger there is no compassion.

    // The family of Asia Bibi, a Christian mother acquitted of blasphemy in Pakistan Wednesday after nearly a decade on death row, is “living in straight terror” and seeking a Western country to grant expedited asylum in the face of violent protests calling for her death, the chairman of a charity aiding Christians in the country told Breitbart News on Thursday.


    1. It would have to be a country with no Pakistani (and maybe barely any muslims at all). She would not last a week in most of Western Europe… (and any Christian Pakistani woman who might be mistaken for her would be in danger too).


      1. // It would have to be a country with no Pakistani (and maybe barely any muslims at all).

        I wondered whether my country could take her in. Then thought may be her extended family would be endangered by this, and may be Israel doesn’t want to take a stand against Pakistan somehow. Of course, the simplest explanation is that our politicians couldn’t care less, but I am for helping people like her.

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  3. Started reading his articles here:

    Discovered so far

    “Antisocial Texts: Who Removed Zionism from Israel’s Textbooks?” The New Republic, April 17 & 24, 2000

    Remember your old post about somebody criticizing too nationalistic and untrue presentations of Arabs and thus history in general in Israeli textbooks? Turns out a few Israeli academics responsible for creating books felt the same thing. 🙂

    Unfortunately, I am sure Yoram Hazony exaggerates regarding the insufficient nationalism in textbooks now, but if a few words about Palestinians have been added – I am glad. There is no chance of peace ever without recognizing the Other as human too with his truth and not as an Orc from Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” as is often currently presented.

    Also, I am sure Hazony exaggerates since I read a serious criticism of the new Citizenship textbook which stated the opposite in some ways from what Hazony presents. Again, as a nationalist and as a Haredi Jew, I expect him to have bias and present even too nationalistic for my taste books as anti-Zionist.


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