I’m Americanized

My sister sent me a photo of her almost-three-year-old son vacuuming. I saw the gleaming, long object in his hands and decided it was a rifle.

And I didn’t even feel shocked or surprised.

9 thoughts on “I’m Americanized”

  1. blinks
    I guess I’m not so Americanized that I don’t find this shocking:

    I have an acquaintance whose dad posed her with a rifle as a toddler. I know people who took their kids hunting and had their kids down a 10 point buck before they were ten. [Western Pennsylvania deer season is something else.] But if someone from my family started doing that to their young toddlers I would wonder what the hell happened (because none of them are hunters).

    There’s loving hunting and then there is dangerous stupidity.

    I don’t know what gun culture’s like in Canada. Are the Québécois big on hunting? I thought if anything Albertans might be more gung ho about guns.


    1. I know that my sister doesn’t have guns in the house and wouldn’t give a rifle to a kid because she isn’t crazy. It’s like something glitched in my brain.


  2. Hey, lady — if you can’t tell a vacuum cleaner from a gun (and I mean the specific model and caliber), you aren’t that Americanized yet!


  3. In my personal opinion, it’s time politicians of the USA abolish the Second Amendment of the American Consitution- guns should not be purchased so easily and carried around. So many people died because of lunatic maniacs obsessed with weapons -it’s terrifying! I wonder if it ever happens…


    1. Whatever you think of gun violence in America, the chances of the second amendment being repealed or even substantially restricted are absolutely ZERO.

      There is no other amendment in the Constitution’s Bill of Rights — including the first amendment guaranteeing freedom of speech, which as a practical matter is already severely restricted in academic and other elitist circles — that provokes such a visceral rage among its supporters when it’s threatened. If the government forcefully tried to confiscate the estimated 270-300 million legally owned guns in America, you would literally have re-enactments of the deadly shoot-outs at Ruby Ridge and Waco all over the country.

      The idea that the second amendment allows individual citizens to defend themselves against a tyrannical government is hopeless outdated: It worked against the British government back when both sides had flintlock rifles, but in the 21st Century, you can’t fight tanks and helicopter gunships with all the AK-47s in the world.

      The vast majority of sensible gun owners in America know that, but they also know how to vote. As long as they have the ballot, their right to bear arms in this country is secure.


      1. Well, it’s so sad that people see guns as some miracle defensive mechanisms rather than murder facilitators. How many more shooting at schools or other public places will it take to finally see the huge problem that lays in the existence of the Gun Law? I guess, pro-gun supporters didn’t have anyone of their close family members or friends died in a violent and illogical shooting. When a bullet touches your life, it shall ring a bell. But nobody thinks it can happen to them… it’s disappointing to see people’s ignorance.


    2. ” it’s time politicians of the USA abolish the Second Amendment of the American Consitution”

      It’s not possible to abolish any part of the constitution, it is possible to repeal a part of the constitution through an amendment. For example, the 21st Amendment repeals the 18th Amendment (which is still part of the constitution). The constitution can be added to, no part can be abolished or revoked.

      The most that Congress can do is propose an amendment, which then must be ratified by three quarters of the states.
      Congress has not proposed an amendment to repeal the second amendment because there is not sufficient public support.

      It’s like the electoral college that Democrats were complaining about in 2000 and 2016 can be changed but there is not political will to do so and the American public is currently too divided and undisciplined to actually get the job done.


      1. You must be right. Political system in the USA is very confusing and complicated. I just want no shootings in schools and public places. There is no other country where there is such a widespread gun plague. I also see that most people think that politics is something that doesn’t touch them, they don’t even feel an obligation to vote! If more people understood that laws and political course of their country affect their everyday lives directly, that would be beneficial for everyone! That’s what I believe in.


  4. I was born and raised here in the good ol’ U.S.A.
    …and I’ve never owned a firearm myself. Only fired a rifle once in Navy Bootcamp, and later a little target-practicing with a BB rifle.
    Now, my father owned a handgun when I was growing up—a “just in case someone breaks in” precaution—which he kept in a drawer in (my parents’) bedroom
    …but I, myself—-never had interest in owning one. Been shot by a gun once, though—but that’s another story for another time …


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