Child Euthanasia Makes Strides in Canada

This is a logical consequence of consumerist mentality. Defective goods should be thrown away and consumers show be free to enjoy their consumption unimpeded.

As Zygmunt Bauman explained so well, the greatest joy of a consumer doesn’t lie in buying but, rather, in throwing away. So it would be quite tempting for some to create conditions – like what happened with the euthanized depressed girl in Europe – to make sure the goods do look defective.


6 thoughts on “Child Euthanasia Makes Strides in Canada”

  1. National Review? Really?

    Aren’t you a scholar? I learned very early in my academic career how to evaluate sources. Surely you were taught this as well.


    1. First of all, I’m not publishing my scholarship on the blog. I’m publishing what I say in the header: opinions. I’m sorry your academic career was cut so short that you never got to the subject of different genres of writing and never learned that statements like, “the weather is shitty today” don’t require a supporting bibliography with a list of academic sources.

      As for National Review, it’s a great magazine with superb writing. I don’t use it academically because it’s not a scholarly journal but I read it for fun. I also love Jonathan Kellerman’s mysteries. And I watch Shark Tank. So what? Did you think academics only read the PMLA for fun?


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