Life Expectancy Mysteries

Life expectancy in Spain is growing and will be the highest in the world in 20 years. And that’s in spite of the high smoking rates.

People say it’s the diet but Spanish food is absolutely atrocious. I mean it’s not McDonald’s horrible, obviously, but it’s very literally indigestible because of the horrible mix of ingredients that aren’t supposed to coexist in a single dish. The medical care is shitty, with all the good doctors leaving for higher salaries in the EU.


6 thoughts on “Life Expectancy Mysteries”

  1. A lot of people criticize Spanish food (including me at times) but when well made it can be very good.

    I don’t get the idea that it mixes stuff that shouldn’t go together…. like what?


  2. We must have been in different Spains. Food is delicious! If you focus on Mediterranean dishes that are not too heavy on oil. And medical care is excellent! I still have a private medical insurance for when I visit my family back in Spain. I do all my medical check ups there, because in the US it is a nightmare!!!!
    I am not surprised about growing life expectancy, they take life easier in general, so less stress. And also less processed food than the US and smaller portions. I visit Spain twice a year and I’ve been away for 7 years and this difference in food and life pace still surprises me every time.


    1. “Spains. Food is delicious!”
      I like a lot of it but my problems are…
      – undercooked rice (I hate undercooked rice, it’s like chewing sand and it seems to happen at least 50% of the time)
      – unpeeled shellfish in dishes (cause it’s sooo messy)
      – under-presentation, I’m not like a French colleague who was once offended by a Spanish salad but at times it seems like ‘thin slice of tough meat, fry it up and plate it!’
      On the other hand the best fish I’ve ever had was in Spain and the best olives too (Mallorcan in anchovy brine, very addictive).


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