Liveblogging Election Results

So? Have we won?

Let’s share our reactions to the election as the results come in!

P.S. What’s up with Florida that the results are always so close? Can’t the state just make up its mind?

P.P.S. Rauner conceded! I’m a happy woman tonight.

P.P.P.S. Florida’s prop 4 passed. How do I find out about the results on local ballot props and state house races? Those are very very important in my county this year.

P.P.P.P.S. Fox News called the House election for the Democrats already and it’s only 8:50pm CT. That’s big.

P.P.P.P.P.S. Manchin won!!! Great news keep pouring in. Kobach went down in Kansas!

9:00 pm CT – why is everybody saying there’s no blue wave? I’m seeing a wave for sure. And even Fox News agrees.

9:02 – Menéndez won in NJ. That’s a disgrace. He’s absolutely horrible. A dumb, corrupt bastard.

9:04 – Heitkamp lost but come on. It was obvious she was going to lose. God, I want to move to North Dakota. Not because Heitkamp lost – I really like her – but because of the climate.

18 thoughts on “Liveblogging Election Results”

      1. For the record, I mentioned Jim Renacci to my dad and he didn’t know who he was. My dad is politically informed and an Ohio voter. Think that says a lot.

        Other races are looking promising but too close to call


  1. Argh. I’m nervous and feeling despair. I keep thinking there is no hope. I am trying to distract myself by working on a project. But of course I am not really being productive. So I’m in a sort of limbo. I just want the Dems to take the house and for my state to keep our Dem senator. I’m worried neither will happen!


    1. Oh no. I’m almost sure we will win the house. The Senate – I don’t see it, even if McCaskill wins. But the House – we are winning. I just saw Sarah Sanders on Fox and she clearly understands they are losing the house, clearly.


  2. The election results are quite close in many races that were supposed to be bellwethers, with no real wave on either side. The liberal pundits on MSNBC and CNN have long faces, and the conservatives on Fox aren’t smiling wither. It’s going to be a loooooong night!

    But at least you get rid of Rauner early on.


    1. Has it been declared? Rauner was trailing by something like 30 points in the past couple of weeks but I won’t rest until I know for sure. Down with that fucker!!!


    1. Yesssssss!!!!!!! No matter what else happens, I’m ecstatic already. Illinois won big today. God, I’ll never forget the sinking feeling I had when I first heard Rauner won 4 years ago. I can’t believe he’s gone.

      I love Illinois.


        1. Exactly! I don’t know why everybody is so dejected. The night is going great. Tons of great news early on. This bodes well!

          McCaskill is holding strong in Missouri. I’m ready to break out dancing.


  3. Looks like we aren’t going to win any of the statewide executive offices in Ohio. These were the most important offices to win, even if I’m not as emotionally attached to Cordray as I am to Sherrod Brown. Also, it was important for Cordray to win if we want Brown to run for president; the governor of Ohio would appoint his replacement so we want a Democrat in there. Executive offices are important for redistricting also. We’ve really fucked ourselves over here.

    It is hilarious that Democrats managed to win the governorship in Kansas and not in Ohio. Funnily enough I was predicting this scenario about a year ago; turns out I was right. Ohio Dems really know how to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.


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