Senate Is Still Republican: Beto Lost

Ted Cruz won in Texas and Republicans will keep the Senate. But come on, we all knew the Senate would remain Republican.

5 thoughts on “Senate Is Still Republican: Beto Lost”

  1. Judging from the comments on all three cable news channels, NOBODY (except individual winning candidates, of course) seems very happy about the results.

    “Trumpism” wasn’t massively repudiated as desperate Trump-hating liberals had predicted, and while Trump’s intense campaigning efforts kept the senate and state governorships in Republican hands, it couldn’t save the House of Representatives.

    My personal assessment of tonight’s election results is BLAH! The Senate has more Republicans, so it will be easier for it to confirm conservative Supreme Court justices without worrying about how Susan Collins is going to vote. Democratic control of the House means that the Democrats can investigate Trump’s presidency endlessly, without ever quite touching Trump himself (much like the futile Mueller special investigation). Any House tax legislation that the Democrats pass won’t get past Trump’s veto pen.

    This doesn’t change much heading into the 2020 election. With loons like Maxine Waters assuming chairmanship of the House Financial Services Committee, Trump’s chances of re-election in two years are as good as ever.


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