Final Thoughts for Tonight

Look, folks, with so many elections tonight, it was obvious none of us were getting absolutely everything we hoped for. We all lost some candidates we really cared about. We are all bummed about a bunch of seats. We all know how invested I was in McCaskill, for instance. And there are other losses I’m not happy about.

But let’s not allow that to make us miserable. Overall, the night went well for us. There were many important wins. I’m walking away (metaphorically, I mean. I’m already in bed) with a good feeling. There are many positive trends going on around the country. Good campaigning works. Not always but nothing works always.

It’s a win. An imperfect one but still a win. And that’s what matters. It’s the first time ever that I voted, and I’m not going to let anybody crap on the good feeling of having won.

Rauner is gone, my friends! I’ll be waking up to a great tomorrow. Please do the same. Make a list of the candidates you care about who won and keep looking at it tomorrow.

We did good.

P.S. And our fantastic state house rep Katie Stuart defeated the horrible, corrupt idiot Dwight Kay once again!!!!! This is Southern Illinois, my friends. This wasn’t easy. I’m super stoked.


23 thoughts on “Final Thoughts for Tonight”

  1. A serious push by the Democrats fo the House, but too much Senate pickups by Trumpturds (Although many fragile Dems incumbents were there because of Obama) to be considered a wave.

    For now, 4 gubernatorial pickups for the Democrats, not too bad.

    Now, Trump can pose himself as the Senate savior, and he made the right call to not put any effort for the House to concentrate it to meaningful Senate races.

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    1. “It’s a win. An imperfect one but still a win.”

      Nah — it’s wash! As i said in an earlier comment:

      “The Senate has more Republicans, so it will be easier for it to confirm conservative Supreme Court justices without worrying about how Susan Collins is going to vote. Democratic control of the House means that the Democrats can investigate Trump’s presidency endlessly, without ever quite touching Trump himself (much like the futile Mueller special investigation). Any House tax legislation that the Democrats pass won’t get past Trump’s veto pen.

      This doesn’t change much heading into the 2020 election. With loons like Maxine Waters assuming chairmanship of the House Financial Services Committee and guaranteed to overplay their hand, Trump’s chances of re-election in two years are as good as ever.

      So This doesn’t change much heading into the 2020 election.


      1. I really hope Democrats won’t do this. Passing a major infrastructure bill should be a priority and will put us in a great position for 2020 to say, look, when you vote D, tangible, real, good things happen. We work and get results. Americans like results.


        1. Too close to call. McSally is slightly ahead, but hundreds of thousands of early ballots still haven’t been counted, so the result won’t be announced until later in the week.


          1. It’s the competition between two airhead ditzes trying to outditz each other. That’s why I’m interested. Dumb and dumber, season 15.

            How come Arizona couldn’t find anyone better on either side?


  2. Congratulations to the entire state of Illinois for buying Rauner a one way ticket to Loserville, population: him.
    When does he leave office? He needs to be watched like a hawk to make sure that he doesn’t create or leave any poison pills for his successor.


  3. I’m Glad for Illinois that rauner (who obviously doesn’t deserve upper-case) has got the order of the boot, although I’m sure he’s stuffing his pockets as I type this.
    Most of the rest of the world don’t really understand USA’s convoluted political system and is just hoping this all may mean a slight slowing down in your president’s voracious campaign of self-aggrandisement. Not holding our breath though.


  4. I went to bed early and am pleased with the results. And that stupid Scott Walker is out!!! And the GA governor race is still too close to call. So I think it was a good night overall.


  5. We could have a historic blue wave nationwide and I’d still be sad if we didn’t do well in Ohio. And we didn’t. Just like you’d feel sad if Rauner won in Illinois no matter what else happened elsewhere. Even Sherrod Brown only won by 6 points against a complete joke of a candidate in a wave year. If the GOP recruits a semi-decent candidate he could be gone next election. And with a Republican governor there’s no way he runs for president. The future of Ohio looks grim, and I don’t have any faith the national Democratic party will do what it needs to to change that. The losses we had in northeast Ohio in 2016 seem to be largely permanent, though we came back some. Not surprising I guess, all those people still love Trump. Brown will be our Manchin if we’re lucky, and our McCaskill if we’re not.

    I am happy to see that Walker got told to pack his bags in Wisconsin. And winning Kansas governor is always cool!

    We also some things locally that I’m pleased about. For the second election in a row, my county Democratic party proves that they are better than the state and national parties. It’s time I start heeding the call and get involved.


    1. I agree that a real blue wave won’t happen until the national leadership changes its priorities, its messaging, and its tone. To have better results in Ohio, Missouri, Southern Illinois, etc, we need to have an entirely different conversation that’s going on nationally.


      1. Indeed. Ohio candidates talked about things Ohioans care about like healthcare, but national Dems were busy bleating on about gun control, #metoo, and abolishing ICE while ignoring the opioid crisis. I’m hoping Pelosi gets booted and replaced by someone by the Midwest but I don’t have much hope. Not that Pelosi is even the main source of our issues; I don’t love her but she actually seems fairly sensible.

        Some things are specifically the fault of ODP though and I don’t wanna take away from that. Iowa Dems came closer to beating an incumbent governor than our candidate came to winning an open seat. The state party failed us.


            1. McCaskill would have won if she’d voted yes on Kavanaugh like Manchin did. That’s what stood between her and her attempts to argue she is a moderate and in touch with the local voters.


  6. At the hyperlocal level, there’s been some crap going on with our awesome local library (it’s an highly unusual situation where we have an elected Board of Trustees who govern the library). I’m pleased to see this morning that the main trouble-maker got voted out and we have promising fresh blood on the board. So, yay for local politics!


    1. I still need to find out if the idiotic initiative to make my town “a sanctuary for proud gun owners” passed. It was worth turning out to vote just to vote against it. Jeez.


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