Move On, Republicans

And a message for Republicans. You guys would have lost a lot worse if Trump weren’t out there campaigning ferociously for weeks. If you managed to keep the Senate and have half the losses in Congress that Obama had two years in, that’s all down to Trump.

And the reason – the real reason – is that Trump, with all of his enormous and obvious faults, pissed on Reaganomics and ditched it in favor of the economic positions that people can and want to embrace. People want strong social programs, large infrastructure spending, cheap medication, accessible healthcare, and a check on free markets. The only reason we got Trump is because nobody else among you had the balls to do this.

So put that in your pipe and suck on it. People don’t want politicians who are enamored with liquid capital. Liquid capital lost in 2016 and it lost yesterday. It’s too powerful to notice these losses but many people are too smart or too hurt by it to embrace it. Get over yourselves, bury Reagan’s putrid corpse already, and move the hell on.


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