Transnational Feminism

The reason why I like The Oxford Handbook of Feminist Theory is that it’s honest, direct, and pulls no punches in its discussion of different strands of contemporary feminism.

For instance, in the chapter in transnational feminism the formidable Laura Briggs (a professor at Amherst) says without mincing words that transnational feminism came into existence because it was something that you could get funding for. And you could get funding for it because it was useful for global capital to get it funded among a million other things that promoted the idea that everything transnational (i.e. everything that doesn’t recognize national borders) is super duper peachy.

I haven’t seen anyone say this so clearly before.

P.S. She also refers to Hillary as “insidious” (ok, not Hillary as a person but her co-optation of feminist rhetoric) and blasts NGOs as an example of evil transnational governance.


So I switched on Hannity last night, hoping for some juicy Schadenfreude. But there was no Schaden for them and so no Freude for me. The narrative was, everything is great, we won, the election results are amazing, things couldn’t be better.

I don’t like Hannity but I envy the attitude. On our side, nothing is ever good enough, nothing is cause for joy, every win is yes-butted to death. Republicans obviously lost this time, yet I’m not seeing any collective garment-rending and howling at the moon on their side.

Maybe I’m not looking well enough but I’ll see what the next issue of National Review has to say.

Being on the side of the perennially dejected bothers me because I’m not naturally predisposed to being all tragic and apocalyptic. It exhausts me. I kind of envy these upbeat folks with their “we lost but there’s a big win in that” approach.

The Presser

Overall, that White House presser was an embarrassment to the entire journalisic profession. Let’s agree that one has to try very hard to look like the most clueless, pouty, bumbling and idiotic person when Trump is in the room but the journalists manage to win that competition every single time.

A female reporter stands up and in a widdle-guwal-voice (which for some mysterious reason is so fashionable among progressives today) lisps, “You said you were a nationalist and some people took that to mean white nationalist and what can you say about that?” I mean, I understand that self-infantilizing women are all the rage today but it’s not absolutely necessary to feed that fantasy quite so assiduously.

The questions are beyond idiotic. Preening, posturing, repetitive, deeply uninformed. I watch these White House pressers assiduously, and God. They are an embarrassment. And not to Trump.