Scary in Education

Why is it that the most unstable, creepy folks in academia are always in education? The lady at the link has a degree of narcissistic woundedness that might one day lead to shooting up a departmental meeting. I’m joking but it’s quite disturbing to realize that there are people who perceive any casual comment by a stranger with this degree of intensity.


5 thoughts on “Scary in Education”

  1. I don’t know
    …I see nothing wrong with calling out social bigotry when it yields its ugly head.
    The typical alpha blowhards and self-aggrandizing egomaniacs do, indeed, view those who are quiet, or who behave modestly or with civility, as being “weak” and ideal “prey” to be messed around with for amusement, or as “punching bags” to relieve tension on. That if someone is not loud and aggressive they “deserve to” be deprived or steamrollered—or just plain ignored or disregarded.


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