I thought we were supposed to be against bullying. I thought we were supposed to protect the right of women and racial minorities to speak and have opinions. Where is the administration of this sorry excuse for a university? Where are the champions of diversity and inclusion?

21 thoughts on “Bullying”

  1. “Elite” US universities are becoming low comedy versions of the Cultural Revolution, I’m wondering how long before the giant dunce caps are broken out.
    I only hope that in the future graduating during this period from one of these cesspits (or working for one) is regarded as a shameful secret….


    1. McCarthyism is back with a vengeance. Memories are too short to retain the knowledge of why that was not a good thing.

      The hypocrisy is out of this world. In academia, we hear endless braying about how it’s hard for women and minorities to speak out because they are silenced. And here is a woman who is also a minority being viciously bullied into silence. And nobody gives a fuck. I hate this so much.


  2. rolleyes

    Why is anyone conservative bothering with UC Berkeley? This is like a flaming liberal going to Liberty University.

    You want a balanced student experience you don’t choose to go to universities well known to be totally dominated by ideologues. “Look at how bullied I am, staunch liberal/conservative going to a staunch conservative/liberal campus” is an idiotic game people love to play.
    She likes posturing, the Berkeleyites also love posturing and they both oblige each other.


    1. I’m guessing she wants to get a good job and going to Podunk U isn’t very helpful in that direction. And even Podunk U – like mine, for instance – is getting conquered by the screamy bullies. If there is a place I could go to hide from them, I’d love to know its name.


      1. No, she wants to start her career writing/blogging/talking head for a conservative outlet as the brave toaster conservative standing up to the evil liberals.

        It’s a genre that’s been around for a while. I don’t see bullies/victims in this situation but people who fulfill their mutual needs to feel/be seen as righteous.

        Look, my father has suggested to me numerous times I could have a great career as some kind of PoC conservative opinionator but the absurd crap I’d have to mouth put me off.[Reading Ben Shapiro will do that.] If I wanted that, this is exactly the kind of thing I’d do — attend an insanely leftist university and spout ‘love the sinner, hate the sin’ and then watch for everyone to fall over themselves.

        Someone who can get into Berkeley isn’t lacking options. Or rather her options are unlikely to be “Podunk U or Berkeley, nothing else!”


        1. That’s exactly what people say to me. That it’s all posturing, that I only want attention / clicks / make trouble, etc. I don’t know why it’s so hard to believe that people might have sincere opinions and might be sincerely worried by ideological witch hunts.

          What should this student do in this situation to avoid being seen as a posturer? Let’s accept for argument’s sake that she honestly doesn’t believe she can vote for this resolution. What could she do differently?


      2. Also, if people think this isn’t coming to non-academic workplaces, they are dreaming. Soon enough, you won’t be able to work at large and medium-sized companies if you are unprepared to issue a statement of faith. There have already been cases of this, and it’s only going to get worse. And then what? Don’t go to the big-name schools, don’t work for Google and Amazon, don’t work anywhere in education if you are not of this very narrow ideological bent? How is this a good thing?


  3. Most liberals seem to think we’re still in the Bush years, when the religious right was strong, nasty, and constantly shoving their beliefs down our throats. They haven’t woken up to the modern day reality that they are a small, defeated minority. We should just let them live their lives in peace.


    1. SO TRUE!!! Back then, I ranted against the religious fanatics with the best of them. But they’ve lost every battle since then. Time to move on and concentrate on real problems.


      1. I’ll oppose legislation I don’t like (the Ohio legislature is always trying to get up to bullshit with abortion), but I’m not about to get angry at someone for having beliefs I don’t agree with.


        1. Absolutely. But the current Republican president is so uninterested in religion, abortion, contraception, or anything of the kind that the contrast with the Bush era is obvious.


      2. I ranted against the religious fanatics with the best of them. But they’ve lost every battle since then.

        I don’t see this as true at all. Just consider the SCOTUS justices they have gotten. I expect that in a few years the Court will issue a ruling clarifying the Religious Freedom guaranteed by the Bill of Rights as meaning that you are free to practice any form of Fundamentalist Protestant Christianity you wish, but that other religions are banned as un-American, having the same kind of status as the Communist Party had here in the 1950’s.

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        1. I don’t see much sense to worry about something somebody might do in the future when there are things happening right now that threaten me directly. I teach in the midst of the Bible Belt yet I haven’t been threatened, bullied, accused or silenced by anybody religious. I have had all those things done to me by progressive diversity fanatics.


  4. Apparently the view doesn’t correspond to the platform of the party she is in.

    And UCB isn’t a leftist university. John Yoo works there, for Heaven’s sake, and quite a few other conservatives. Berkeley City Council has been quite leftist at times, but the student protests of 50 years ago happened because the university was NOT leftist, not because it was.


    1. If that’s not a leftist university, I shudder to think what one would look like. 🙂 Because this kind of thing – we didn’t even have it in the USSR after 1953.


      1. Calls for resignation from party? She’s against gay marriage and doesn’t believe in gender spectrum, says her religion loves LGBTQ+ people but does not feel it is in their best interest to be so, and does not believe they deserve all the rights of the straight. This really isn’t standard any more, not among those believing in equal rights, and I can see why her party might want to disassociate. The social media firestorm is a bit much but it seems many engage in that nowadays, including the right wing


        1. People should be able to believe in absolutely anything they want. She didn’t even vote against. She abstained. You cannot be sincerely religious and not abstain on this kind of proposal. It’s either one or the other. And it’s one single abstention. Whom does it hurt if one single person among the whole crowd turns out to be religious? Where’s the damage in this tiny bit of diversity?


          1. Yeah. But these are college students, and the hot-hot topic is trans rights. You just cannot not toe the line on that at this particular moment. I’d have said fine, abstain, but then I’m about to vote for an evangelical candidate in a runoff here (against a Republican) and I’ve got trans rights purists saying they’ll go for a Republican (who they think will be better on trans rights?) over and evangelical who they assume will be bad. It’s not that different though from the anti-choice litmus test — you can’t win high office here if you come out for choice, and at the same time it seems you have to REALLY support trans rights, and it is an interesting combination


  5. It’s obvious: In the U.S. one apparently does NOT have the right to their own personal beliefs, commitments, and resolutions
    …either pander to the mob mentality of the socially favored or face being discredited and ostracized.


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