Incomprehensible Florida

Can anybody explain why Florida can never just make up its mind about who to vote for? I’m not asking about the ballot counting process or whatever today’s equivalent of dimpled chads is. I want to know why it’s always down to the very last vote to decide the race.

Here in Illinois, when it was clear that Rauner was a dud, he had to concede 25 minutes after the polls closed because we can make up our minds.

Everybody has a close election every once in a while but I’m tired of hearing about a recount in Florida every single time.

I love Florida but what’s the split? Rich retirees and young vegans? Surfers versus makers of surf boards?


8 thoughts on “Incomprehensible Florida”

  1. No big mystery — same thing as what happened in Arizona and Georgia: Half the people in America love crazy Trump and came out to vote for his party, while half the people hate him and came out to vote for the crazy lefties running against him.

    In Illinois, Rauner was leery of Trump and said only hesitant, half-hearted pro-trump statements near the end of the campaign. So nobody, Republican or Democrat, cared much about him.


    1. Trump, schmump. This crap was happening in Florida long before Trump ran for anything. It’s a weird state. But I’m happy I’ll be there in exactly a week. šŸ™‚


      1. Yeah, the steamy humid heat combined with all the bugs and the tourists and the sharks off the coasts drives the locals crazy. The population keeps going up because of all the migrating Hispanics and retiring geriatrics from New York.

        Florida can have them! We already have enough grey-haired retirees driving Cadillacs 30 mph on Interstate 10 here in Arizona. When I moved here 20 years ago, the speed limit on Interstate 10 was a brisk 75 mph. Now it’s been slowed to a 65-mph crawl so we don’t rear-end all the snowbirds driving in the far-left lane. It’ll be 50 mph by the time I cash out.

        Guess what? All the snowbirds in my neighborhood — every single one of them — moved here from Chicago.


      1. “worse than in Russia, which is always a mess around elections”

        My best guess (a theory I saw elsewhere but it fits with everything I know about Florida…. which is a lot)
        They had already fixed the election but still, through incompetence or underestimation, came up short (underestimated how much it would have to be fixed) and so began the scramble to ‘discover’ missing or imagined ballots.
        I honestly think Florida is a half-step away from accepting spectral evidence in lieu of ballots…


  2. The super quick and simplified answer has two parts:
    1. The electorate is fragmented into different groups whose interests and goals conflict with each other in too many different ways
    2. Corruption (the 1920s Florida land boom was a dress rehearsal for the Depression) the state has long acted as a magnet for conmen and other types of corrupt fools
    The result is constant low intensity special interest warfare (all against all) and local government practices that would embarrass a banana republic and social dysfunction that would embarrass Tobacco Road but which casual visitors don’t see.

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