Trolls and Trolling

There are people who get obsessed with a blog and use it to feed their need to seethe- I don’t mean to rhyme, this happens on its own – for years. Then one day they can’t take the tension any more and start trolling. This happened to me several times over the years. The most recent example is a commenter who posted under the name “Yusuf.”

The really funny part is that the troll’s rhetorical style is very impoverished, and it takes me under two seconds to recognize them. (“Them” is a pronoun this person really loves.) I knew from the start that “Yusuf” is not called Yusuf, is not male, and is not an immigrant. 

Folks, if you are going to troll, at least try to be more creative about it. I analyze texts for a living. And unlike some literature professors – khm, khm – I’m actually good at it. I also have to point out that if you are not an immigrant, it’s kind of pathetic to post as one to shame an actual immigrant away from “their” position on immigration.


2 thoughts on “Trolls and Trolling”

  1. I read this as a challenge to create unique writing styles, syntax, and whatnot for different “characters.” But in my own writing, not in blog comments. I’m getting a serial fiction started in the next month or so. Maybe I’ll try it with that. Or with select blog posts.


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