Dirty Tricks

Folks, did you see the “she must be a choice” ad that’s supposedly by Planned Parenthood? The ad is fake, right? They are being set up?

I choked on my coffee and spilled it all over the newly washed floor when I saw it. I hate this kind of dirty tricks. You can oppose the organization without being a dick about it. Did the supposedly pro-baby makers of the ad consider that the baby will grow up and hear “she must be a choice” about herself?

People are totally losing it in propaganda wars.

4 thoughts on “Dirty Tricks”

  1. After a few minutes of googling around, I think I’ve solved it. It’s the Onion effect!*

    That is, it was part of a parody news site and someone took it seriously.

    This might be the original source (back clicking to the home page makes it clear it’s a parody site – except for the willfully dim.


    As smartphones continue in making everybody stupider, parody is becoming harder and harder to pull off…

    *my name for when people don’t realize a parody is… parody, after an event where the Chinese government mistook an Onion article for real news


    1. Just to ad, I have to run to class so I’m not sure if the ad or just the story is parody, I’m afraid I wouldn’t put it past Planned Parenthood to do something this tone deaf… will continue to put off real work while I chase this down further later on today.


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