I’m in a Book

Yesterday we celebrated our wedding anniversary, and today I received this book of poetry by my friend Kola Tubosun, a talented Nigerian poet. N and I are immortalized in the book but that’s not the only reason I like it. I highly recommend the book to everybody because it transmits perfectly the feel of this region. The poem that features N and me is about one of the most memorable evenings of our relationship. We have a large photo from that night because it meant a lot to us, and now it turns out there’s a poem about it.

Buy the book here. Seriously, folks, if there’s one book of poetry you read in a year (which is a practice I recommend to everybody), then why not this one? And by the way, I highly recommend putting on your list of recurrent New Year’s resolutions one book of poetry a year.

And no, reader Dreidel, there are no rhymes in these poems. But I promise, there can still be good poetry without rhyme.

2 thoughts on “I’m in a Book”

  1. That beautiful photograph (I assume you took it at your home) looks professionally arranged and illuminated. You really ought to consider selling a booklet with a collection of your amateur pictures.

    (But please don’t explain each photograph with verse that lacks meter or rhyme!)


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