Globalization Is Funny

My sister slaughtered with her talk in Saudi Arabia. I just received a photo of her in a designer abaya standing in the midst of Saudi men dressed in their white robes of whatever you call them. It’s hilarious. I can’t share because it’s not my photo but it’s truly funny.

All those Saudi men paying for a Jewish woman from Ukraine to come teach them about business. And providing a designer abaya. You’ve got to agree it’s funny.


4 thoughts on “Globalization Is Funny”

  1. Markets are a far more effective tool for bringing down sexism than government. You cannot honestly claim to be fighting for equality unless you ground your values in markets.


  2. Looks like Marcia Fudge may end up challenging Pelosi. The Pelosi cultists have already begun attacking, but they can’t just yell “stale pale male” this time like they did with Tim Ryan.


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