Sherrod Brown

Sherrod Brown is really in the game for the nomination. I just got a message from his (proto) campaign. And it’s a very good one. It’s all about workers and worker rights. Not a single stupid identity-based truism. I’ll be very excited if he’s the nominee. I’d actually go knock on doors and phone-bank for this candidate.

Wouldn’t it be great to elect somebody like Sherrod Brown, folks? I believe he can carry the Midwest and I can’t think of anything that goes against him. Plus, I think he’ll do good in a debate against Trump.

5 thoughts on “Sherrod Brown”

  1. I agree too. However, whoever the Democratic nominee is, the Republicans will try to paint him or her as the most liberal or the most radical leftist politician out there…like they usually do. Too many Democrats have trouble addressing this “criticism”, so I’m interested in how the party’s candidate will respond to it.


    1. Of course, Trump has never been excessively preoccupied with the truth, so to speak. But it’s harder to argue that Sherrod Brown is a radical than many other people. Not that it will stop Trump, to be sure.


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