BF Question

On black Friday, are there discounts on food? Does anybody know? I don’t shop on black Friday, so I have no idea what goes on.


4 thoughts on “BF Question”

  1. “Black Friday” shopping is a sucker’s deal, if you don’t don’t waste your time doing more comparison research than any item is worth. Stores use a myriad of tricks — such as offering 50% off the “manufacturer’s retail price” — which nobody ever pays any day of the year. Others present a “huge discount” while actually charging essentially the same amount that they sell the item for all the time.

    I recommend that you do most of your shopping off the Internet all year round. With minimal research, you can almost always find one or two sellers who will sell items at amazingly low prices compared to their competitors . (Just make sure that they don’t try to recoup their losses by adding on a ridiculously high “shipping and handling” fee.)

    If you want to shop in person during Black Friday at local food stores — and be prepared to punch back at a lot of fat ladies who’ll try to elbow to you out of the way — I strongly suggest that you go on the Internet first and compare the various prices at your local stores.


  2. I remember when Black Friday was just a regular shopping day when the stores were a little more crowded… no it’s all pride and decency thrown to the wind for cheap crap…
    I notice on Romanian TV they’re already talking about it (using the English words ‘black friday’). There have been efforts to try to make it into a thing in Poland but without much success… (thank Buddah)


    1. I’ve done it once as a cultural experience. And since then I’m very contentedly staying at home with my phone switched off. Because online vendors go nuts, too, and ping like a bunch of crazy penguins.


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