Mini Link Encyclopedia

Canada’s NDP (the leftie party) wants to set up lethal injection sites for kids. Now that they’ve gotten pot legalized, it’s time to legalize heroin and use it to bump off the undesirables. It’s best to get them while they are still young. It cuts down welfare costs, too, so what’s not to like.

Why is the NYTimes writing about Sherrod Brown? It can’t be because he’s inspiring many voters and could be a great choice in 2020. No, the only reason is that he’s the dreaded “white guy.” Recently, a store assistant told me a propos an item I was looking at “We have that one in white, too” and I felt nauseous. I can’t even hear the word white any more it’s been so overused. I left without making a purchase.

Betsy DeVos keeps rolling back Obama’s ridiculousness and I’m grateful for that. Recently, a student shared something personal with me (not related to sexual assault), and I had to quote paragraphs and paragraphs from the handbook at her like a total idiot. I’d much rather engage as a human being. But I’m afraid of sanctions. These regulations have to go.

Funny new words and expressions from Spiked.


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