Stacey Abrams finally conceded but not really because she says it’s just not right that she should lose. I’m seeing all these Democrat-initiated recounts with great dismay because we are setting ourselves up for the opponents to refuse to accept any of the races whose outcome they don’t like and claim we did it first and many times, too, so we can’t object.

I’m envisioning a close presidential race where we’ll be bogged down in an endless recount that will go on forever. You can’t question the legitimacy of every loss and not have it done back at you. And given that Republicans are, for some utterly mysterious reason, simply better at getting what they want, for all of our failed recounts they’ll get very successful ones.

And yeah, there has already been a presidential recount. Please remind me who initiated it and who lost.


4 thoughts on “Recounts”

    1. “Under what circumstances would you challenge the result of an election?”

      Ones in which there is evidence of tampering or other polling station malfeasance… (like “discovering” large numbers of ballots… or ballots with shady chain of custody etc)

      I have no idea if either of those are the case in Georgia (though the goings on around Broward “the Sewer” County would embarrass a PRI official in the 1970s…)*

      *Ruling party of Mexico for many decades, famous for its Chicago style crooked elections


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