The reason why I like my fitness program is that the routines are always different. The trainers always come up with something new, and you never know what to expect. I have a very busy brain, and I get bored very easily with repetitive stuff. (Except for teaching. I never get bored with explaining the subjunctive or the object pronouns. It’s weird how I’m a completely different person in teaching than with everything else. As a teacher, I’m kind, compassionate, warm, and infinitely patient. Impossible to believe, I know).

Also, at the fitness club we have challenges that are always different. Right now, we are doing one where you get a ticket for every extra exercise you do on top of the workouts. You put the tickets in a box, and then there will be prizes. The prizes are extra special secret workouts.

The main reason I joined this group was that I fell asleep during a solitary workout at my regular gym. Like, literally. This gave me a clue that I wasn’t doing it exactly right. Because I’m pretty certain your heart rate should be elevated and not the opposite during a workout. But I can’t deal with a personal trainer because I hate having somebody stand there and stare at me for 40 minutes while I puff and huff.

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