Series Disappointment

I was enjoying the Spacey-less season of House of Cards until they showed a 60-year-old woman who’s never given birth before getting pregnant the moment she decided it was convenient.

I don’t mind series being unrealistic in all aspects except the physiological. When people sprout wings and fly, that’s fantasy genre. And I need to be warned about anything that smacks of fantasy so that I can avoid it.

Amazon and Debt

I saw a meme on FB, “Instead of giving money to Amazon, why don’t we just cancel the student debt?”

The answer is: because the result is the same but the way it works now takes less time. And leaves students a bit richer.

Explanation: cancel student debt, and the debtors will immediately go buy stuff on Amazon (and a couple of its competitors) in the amount slightly higher than the canceled debt.

There’s no way of avoiding the money ending up in Bezos’s pocket. Let’s just relax and enjoy it, I say.

P.S. This is supposed to be a funny post. I know from experience that people tend to grow grim around Thanksgiving and take everything very seriously. So warning: I’m making a joke here. Ha ha. I’m not in the least opposed to student debt relief.

Chaos on the Inside

I keep complaining that Amazon’s recommendation algorithm stinks but it turns out that they are using all their data mining experience and personnel to battle out-of-this-world theft and fraud. There are people whose only pursuit in life is defrauding Amazon. They create thousands of accounts each and engage in all sorts of inventive fraud. And theft in warehouses is ridiculous.

For such an enormous organization, the only way to make it work like clockwork for the customers is to allow extreme chaos on the inside. And chaos is where fraud breeds.

I guess I won’t complain about recommendations any more.