Kardashianization of Politics

Conservative obsession with attacking Ocasio-Cortez is keeping her in the news 24/7 and only making her stronger. They’re going to make the mistake as the libs did with Trump and end up making her president.

— Murtaza Mohammad Hussain (@MazMHussain) November 18, 2018

Journalists simply follow ratings. The Kardashians have a huge following. When you see a woman who is a parody of a star on the Kardashians, you’ve got to put her on to attract viewers. I tune in for her like I don’t for Elizabeth Warren or Paul Ryan because she’s simply so goshdarn funny. It’s the Kardashian-type funny but it’s still entertaining.


8 thoughts on “Kardashianization of Politics”

  1. “she’s simply so goshdarn funny”

    She (AOC) seems to be a normie who figured out on her own that neoliberalism is a dead end for her generation. She wants to change things but is still figuring out how (and is having to do so in the harsh glare of public attention).
    If she turns into a Hillancy Warren identity-shrike then I’ll make fun of her, but for now I’m giving her the benefit of a doubt.
    Young people are supposed to shake things up and she has my sincere admiration for that, at the very least.


    1. “Unemployment is low but that’s only because everybody has three, four jobs!” Because unemployment is the number of jobs that stand empty and not people who have no employment. Obviously.

      “300 million Americans make under $10,000 a year! That’s like 40 % of the population. Like.”

      And it’s all like that. People say she’s young but 29 is actually not that young. You can at least make the superhuman effort and Google the population of the US. Or what job stats mean. She just got elected for a very serious position. The job deserves at least a modicum of effort.


        1. Yes, she has a degree. But this doesn’t mean she knows this stuff. And I’m saying this as somebody who is responsible for helping people get degrees.

          I’d say more but I’m scared of the consequences.


          1. This is something that I learned in my 5th year in high school. And every economics student has to go further into this stuff in their first semester.

            This is very basic stuff, even more basic than supply and demand.


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