I love it how Tucker Carson ends every show by declaring himself a sworn enemy of pomposity and smugness. There is no shortage of smug and pompous folks in TV but he’s definitely the epitome of both traits. It’s like me declaring myself a sworn enemy of condescension, judgmentalism, and obsession with the nation-state.

The Grinch Is Too Mean

In the meantime, people are debating whether Grinch is too mean.

I haven’t managed to read the Grinch story to Klara yet because she says the Grinch is mean and she doesn’t like him. However, she’s two and a half. I fully expect her to get over it and love the story by the age of three. If she doesn’t, I’ll question my parenting strategy.

These twitterers, on the other hand, are adults. Or they claim to be.

The Hair Compliment

This happened to me, too!

I was at the playground last week with Klara and another mom and her two kids. We were approached by two young women who complimented my hair, Klara’s hair, and the other mom’s hair. Then it turned out they were evangelical missionaries on a lookout for converts.

My friend got so freaked out that she bundled the two screaming kids into the stroller and scarpered faster than I ever thought she was capable. I wondered why she did it because the young women were super nice and not pushy at all. I dread pushy people but these kids were not threatening even to a paranoiac like me.

Now I’m thinking that the other mom probably knew about this phenomenon and feared they must have thought we were a gay couple out with our kids at the playground. I have no problem with people thinking I’m gay but my friend is from another culture, and might feel less comfortable with it.

The funny thing, though, is that I’ve been in this area so long that the moment the missionaries revealed who they were, I immediately told them where their Church was and named two people from their congregation who are my good friends. It makes me feel good to be so familiar with the surroundings. It also makes me feel edgy to be mistaken for a gay mom of an interracial family.

Of course, when I was young something like this would have totally spooked me. Not because of the gay part but because of the religious part. I grew up around no religious people at all, and meeting one was like encountering a rhinoceros.

No #MeToo For You

Also, here is a link about working class women viciously sexually harrassed and stalked in the workplace. Our brave #MeTooers can’t be bothered to notice, and the blogger who wrote about it has been censored out of existence. I might be, too, because WordPress it shuts down anybody who writes about this.

So just in case, it’s been nice knowing you, folks.

P.S. Do read the link until the very end. And just in case it gets scrubbed as I post, here is another one. Oh, Canada.

Job Wars

People keep saying that I don’t care about job wars affecting low-wage workers. But I do and yes, they are affected. This is very similar tothe story where employees were fired for refusing to work after closing hours.

What the employees are being schooled to do with these firings is not to be “inclusive and diverse” but to work without pay and cover losses out of their own wages without complaint.


A point comes in everybody’s life when they are no longer able to accept new ideas. They arrive at “the Truth” and close themselves off to anything that doesn’t confirm it. Their inner lives become a closed chamber where the same broken record plays on an endless loop. For many people, this happens quite early in life.

A human mind, however, is much bigger than this locked chamber. If anybody manages to break through, disrupt the loop, and bring a new idea into the mind of such a person, he (which it normally is) becomes an object of an intense attachment to the close-looper. This can be a guru, a religious leader, an ideologue, a self-help peddler, an artist, or a political demagogue of any kind. The attachment is a product of the close-looper’s realization that their brain is capable of bigger things than the looper once thought possible and the resulting gratitude. But this process also produces a lot of fear because the looper is untrained in intellectual expansion. The disrupting guru becomes an object of fixation, which is the mind’s attempt to block off any further intellectual discoveries.

The whole purpose of my blog is to serve as a workout for my own brain to prevent it from closing off and going stale. I prod and poke my own certainties because, as somebody else said:

This kind of rigidity comes when critical thinking is abandoned. To close oneself off to the possibility of alternative opinions, and only to see the world through the lens of confirmation bias, is a form of intellectual death.

People who read this blog often find this process disturbing because it happens in real-time and is based on a constant prodding of certainties that is often hard to tolerate. It’s easier for me because I’m the driver of the process on my own blog. But I understand that it can be extraordinarily annoying to observe.

Those who have stuck with the blog for years are quite unique in their capacity to tolerate the disruption of their inner truths. This is a capacity that speaks to a great intellectual strength and curiosity. I don’t think I’d be able to let go of my own rigidity to such a degree. I only do it in an environment that’s completely controlled by me, and that’s a very different thing.

I don’t, however, blame those who fall off over the years. From the outside, the whole process looks quite schizophrenic. First, I say one thing, then something completely different, then it shifts again. Then I arrive at something new and get stuck on it and try to process it by endless repetition, which is even more obnoxious. I need this because it helps me think but I understand how it can be frustrating to watch.

New Sexual Morality

Wow, this is actually worse than 19th-century sexual morality. This is a suggestion legally to punish not even false offers of marriage but simply allowing somebody to make an assumption that a marriage offer might be forthcoming.

And look at how blatantly the language of consumerism is incorporated into this way of thinking:

This legal standard is modeled on how we treat misleading commercial branding through statutes like the Lanham Act. In both the world of brands and the world of dating, there’s an incentive for sellers to misrepresent what they are peddling to gain an advantage

P.S. The comments are really scary. I obviously didn’t see all of them but way too many people enthusiastically agree with this ridiculousness.