No #MeToo For You

Also, here is a link about working class women viciously sexually harrassed and stalked in the workplace. Our brave #MeTooers can’t be bothered to notice, and the blogger who wrote about it has been censored out of existence. I might be, too, because WordPress it shuts down anybody who writes about this.

So just in case, it’s been nice knowing you, folks.

P.S. Do read the link until the very end. And just in case it gets scrubbed as I post, here is another one. Oh, Canada.


23 thoughts on “No #MeToo For You”

  1. “working class women viciously sexually harrassed”

    The thing is that this is completely predictable and many, many people predicted scenarios just like this (and worse ones to come).
    I’m becoming terfier by the second and if trans activists don’t take on this vicious freak then I will lose all respect. Self-policing has to be a part of any social movement that wants to be taken seriously…


    1. I believe he poses as trans to victimize women and, what’s worse, possibly even girls. His actions are an assault on real trans rights, in my opinion.

      WordPress banned the blogger who posted about this. How’s that for corporate censorship of free speech? Hello, women’s rights advocates!


  2. just found this on twitter (of all places

    “Transgenderism is a socially engineered marketing campaign for pharmaceutical companies which intentionally takes the guise of a human rights issue. It exploits and abuses homosexual youth and children struggling with mental health and autism”


    1. That’s exactly what I think about the whole issue of “trans kids.” And now I’ll have to hide the whole post because being against exploitation by Big Pharma is unprogressive.


  3. I am confused. Assuming this person actually wants a…waxing why in the world would you repeatedly solicit people who are not comfortable waxing the body part you want waxed? Who thinks this is a good idea?

    This person probably sexually harassed people before transition as well.


    1. Absolutely, 100%. I don’t for a second think that trans people are more likely to be sexual predators. But I do think that sexual predators can claim to be trans if they perceive it to be helpful in their goal to victimize people.

      Not that I’m a specialist on this issue, but the trans people I know would go out of their way to find a trans friendly provider who knows how to work with them. And in Vancouver, they are not impossible to find, actually.


      1. “I do think that sexual predators can claim to be trans if they perceive it to be helpful in their goal to victimize ”

        Exactly! And unfortunately most of the current trans agenda helps rather than hinders them. The whole idea that a person can ‘transition’ without medical (and psychiatric) supervision and that anatomical status is completely irrelevant is a greenlight for some really sick abusers…


  4. Most importantly, why are police not investigating him? After reading about (mainly British) people being persecuted for writing an equivalent of an unpleasant Tweet, the contrast with the freedom for Internet paedophilic predators (1) is especially striking. The thing is that without treatment and/or control such fantasies are liable to develop into deeds. In the messages he sent to teens, he has already publicly fantasized about approaching nude girls in bathroom stalls … to ask for their tampons or pads to “bond with her a bit … want to make friends … that’s kinda a goal of mine”. I am afraid if such people are enabled long enough, they may try to turn this into reality and, whether he claims to be a woman or trans or a puppy, he is physically capable of raping in a fashion usual to male rapists. Once somebody starts targeting children (or even teens) on Internet, I believe, police would be justified to investigate and medical specialists should be involved like in cases of paedophiles.

    Even without the special sickness of threatening teens (some girls start menstruating at very young ages nowadays, less than 10 even sometimes), his trend of trying to use Law for sexual harassment (2) and destroying livelihood of adult women would be sufficient for a talk with police in my eyes. Police are not supposed to deal only with murders and robberies, as far as I know, dealing with extreme cases of problem neighbors is a significant part of the job of keeping public peace.

    As an aside, Jonathan Yaniv sounds like a Jewish name. Since I do pay attention to Jewish face in the world, seeing an alleged paedophile and sexual harrasser in general who is also Jewish adds another dimension to my disgust.

    (1) “In May, June and July of 2018, a number of teenage girls took to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to expose Jonathan Yaniv as a sexual predator. The girls claimed that Yaniv “pretended to be transgender” in order to access private facebook groups for teenage girls where he spewed his creepy sexual fetishes about young women, menstruation, toilet and locker room fantasies. The teens posted screen caps of private messages he sent them including (but not limited to) the following”

    (2) At least sixteen women have been targeted by Yaniv specifically for declining contact with his penis and testicles, using the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal both as a mechanism of continual sexual harassment against the women and as a shield protecting him socially in doing so.

    One of the women targeted by Jonathan Yaniv for sexual harassment:
    “Had approached, and had been turned down by 26 different lawyers and law firms. All of which cited lack of expertise in human rights proceedings, or fear of offending the transgender lobby, or both.“


    1. You answered your opening question with your last paragraph. People like to have jobs, and pursuing this is a good way of losing one’s job and never getting employed again. Do take a look at the book Galileo’s Finger for some examples. Nobody wants to be a martyr. I’ve already been threatened with “consequences” by the representative of my school’s administration for posting something he chose to construe as being not trans friendly. And I didn’t even think the word trans when posting that comment. It was about something entirely different.


      1. // People like to have jobs, and pursuing this is a good way of losing one’s job and never getting employed again.

        For a private lawyer or a law firm, may be. But what about police and state’s legal institutions going after him for harassing teen girls and potentially endangering them?

        Also, he has already filed numerous fake yet damaging to victims complaints. I thought every first world country’s state legal system had ways to deal with criminals and (morally) sick people trying to abuse it. Otherwise it would have been overwhelmed long ago by 10001 complains from just a few “boys who cried for wolf” to sick it on somebody they disliked. I am without legal knowledge, but such procedures must exist.

        You’ve said “But I do think that sexual predators can claim to be trans if they perceive it to be helpful in their goal to victimize people.” All kinds of predators have always tried to make all kinds of fraudulent claims, and the legal system dealt with it.

        You always look deeper into issues like in the previous post re Job Wars. This case is not about trans rights, is it? Whom does it serve to let law system become a parody of itself? Or has it always been like that, albeit in somewhat different fashions?


        1. On the state level, this is the perfect enactment of the retreat of the state in the face of fluidity. This guy is as fluid as it gets. When it’s convenient – on his LinkedIn profile, in his pants, in the way he bullies women, he’s a man. When it’s convenient, he’s suddenly a woman.

          You are absolutely right, this is about something bigger. It’s about the state putting itself in the service of fluidity. Fluidity wins.


          1. And no, it hasn’t always been like this. A strong state shuts this down in two seconds. But now that the state is weakened, you make the tiniest move in the direction of regulating this kind of thing – like we saw recently in the US – you immediately hear a howling to the skies that it’s fascist, homicidal, people are erased out of existence, whatever that means, etc. If there was a collective will to make it stop, it would stop. But the collective will wants the exact opposite and screams down anybody who tries to say anything against.


            1. “now that the state is weakened”

              The alternative to the state is gang vs gang (it might have prettier names but it’s gang vs gang), the Canadian freak has lawyers in his gang, actresses have the press in theirs, who do working class women have?


              1. But it’s actually even worse than that. The state will bring all its power to bear on opponents of fluidity. Soon these women (and people like them) will be criminally liable for refusing this kind of fellow. The state isn’t completely going away. It’s siding with fluidity.


  5. Do you have any thoughts how fluidity and end of nationalism go together with data like the one from two articles below? For Jews, it seems anti-Semitism and hate crimes are hardly abating.

    According to the data, 40 percent of British Jews are considering leaving the UK, some of them to Israel, due to the rising anti-Semitism they experience, and 90% of them believe that Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour is anti-Semitic and that Jews should refrain from voting for it.,7340,L-5403913,00.html

    FBI: US anti-Semitic hate crimes spiked 37% in 2017
    According to annual Hate Crime Statistics report shows overall hike of 17% in hate crimes in the United States, with anti-Semitic attacks jumping from 684 in 2016 to 938 in 2017; ‘more must be done to address the divisive climate of hate in America,’ says ADL director.,7340,L-5403325,00.html


    1. Anti-Semitism actually is one of the things that are eternal.

      But fluidity will make the concept of a Jew irrelevant. The religious definition will be destroyed by consumerism and the ethnic by intermarriage. That won’t make Anti-Semitism disappear, of course. As we know, 400 years after Jews were expelled from Spain, the country waged a brutal civil war where anti-semitism was one of the driving forces for both sides.

      In Jungian terms, a Jew is a negative shadow. A psyche needs a negative shadow to project its own undesirable qualities on it. To expect humanity to find a new negative shadow two thousand years into the process is unrealistic. Of course, there are always the gypsies but they aren’t ubiquitous or culturally / financially / artistically / philosophically / intellectually prominent. Am I allowed to say this or does this go under the password, too? I can’t keep up.


      1. Aren’t Muslims also a shadow in today’s Europe and they embody (fears and dangers of) fluidity much more than Israeli or even European Jews?

        // Anti-Semitism actually is one of the things that are eternal.

        You’ve just confirmed “the entire world is against us” Israeli narrative. 🙂


        1. It’s “a truth universally acknowledged” that Anti-Semitism is what I say it is. I can’t claim the credit.

          Nobody has just one shadow. It can be different people / groups. But Jews are historically the most persistent one.


              1. \ I think the anti-Muslim thing is actually a form of antisemitism.

                // Absolutely. These are semitic people.

                I disagree with this comparison considering the abyss between our civilizations / cultures / mentality.

                We are not like Russian and Ukrainians who are both Slavic peoples, or like Germans and French who are both Western European peoples. There is very little similarity between us and Muslims whether we talk about religion or culture.

                Is alleged DNA closeness even enough to classify us together under the label of semitic people? I doubt this closeness even exists nowadays if we look at Ashkenazi Jews or, for instance, at Ethiopian Jews.

                The only thing we share today is hatred.

                As for how Europe perceives them, Muslims with their past invasions have a very different history with Europe than Jews.

                In general, I believe the label antisemitism should be reserved for Jews. Using it for Muslims with extremely different history only creates more murkiness. I do not think it explains much.


      2. // As we know, 400 years after Jews were expelled from Spain, the country waged a brutal civil war where anti-semitism was one of the driving forces for both sides.

        Meaning each side accused the other of being supported by Jews?
        Have you written about it? Sounds like an interesting story and I doubt all (or even most?) readers know about it.


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