The Grinch Is Too Mean

In the meantime, people are debating whether Grinch is too mean.

I haven’t managed to read the Grinch story to Klara yet because she says the Grinch is mean and she doesn’t like him. However, she’s two and a half. I fully expect her to get over it and love the story by the age of three. If she doesn’t, I’ll question my parenting strategy.

These twitterers, on the other hand, are adults. Or they claim to be.


3 thoughts on “The Grinch Is Too Mean”

  1. On the other hand, the Honda car commercials currently on the cable news channels featuring the Grinch giving a thumbs-down and a Bronx cheer are rather entertaining.

    Watch them instead of the movie!


      1. Watch the 1966 television cartoon when it’s rerun sometime during the holiday season — after 52 years, still the best of any “Grinch” version, including the original Dr. Seuss book, where the Grinch didn’t have much personality and didn’t look like Boris Karloff.


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