Creepy Creeps

Some dumb fuck proposed to Amanda Knox. Of course, he’s an unsuccessful writer desperate for self-promotion but it’s still icky.

I don’t get all these folks who are attracted to death and gore.

P.S. For those who don’t know who Knox is, here’s a link. There are no links on the groom who lacks even this sort of notoriety.

P.P.S. If anybody wants to know my theory, I think Knox and her boyfriend got strung out on drugs and arranged for the victim to be raped by Guede. And then he freaked out and cut her into pieces while Knox and the boyfriend laughed themselves stupid.


One thought on “Creepy Creeps”

  1. What I want to know is how someone with such degenerate tendencies can still be one of high status and lots of money who are allowed to obtain passports and privilege to travel abroad.
    Like, try getting into Canada even if you have a conviction for, like, shoplifting/petty theft—-from even a few decades ago.


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