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And a propos consumerism, it will not destroy anti-Semitism but it will wipe out Jews:

Anti-Semitism is not what defines the experience of Jews in America today; assimilation is. To hear the professional worriers in the Jewish community, it’s love, not hate, that poses the bigger existential challenge. A vast majority of Jews — 72 percent among the non-Orthodox — now marry outside the tribe. The infrastructure of Judaism, from the synagogue to the long-established liberal denominations, is being steadily abandoned. Almost a third of millennial Jews are so unidentified with Judaism they say they have no religion at all.

Obviously, it’s not just Jews. Only about 8% of millennials find religion relevant to their lives. If the whole point of life is the satisfaction of fleeting whims of the all-important self, there can be no place for religion which is based on valuing something above the whims of the self.


10 thoughts on “More on Consumerism”

  1. I am curious what percentage of Millenials who are religious are Pagan, for example Wiccan or Druidic. I have tried to find out, but different surveys yield very different numbers. It does seem that Pagans are becoming more numerous, however.


  2. I may be oversimplifying your position, and in this case I apologize. But it was my impression that in general you support assimilation of the immigrants into the new society and do not criticize this phenomenon as “consumerist”… Why should the Jews be measured with a different yardstick?


    1. Jews managed to preserve their religion in the midst of the most horrific persecution that lasted for two thousand years. The Inquisitive was powerless, the pogroms, even the Holocaust. And then consumerism very easily, very peacefully started doing away with them.

      I’m not opposed to assimilation, of which I am a product. It would be really weird to oppose being who I am. But the phenomenon is stunning nevertheless.


      1. Also, on the subject of different yardsticks. Jews gave the world a lot more than, say, Ukrainians did. It’s just a fact. Some things are worth preserving and some aren’t.


        1. // Jews gave the world a lot more than, say, Ukrainians did. It’s just a fact.

          Which Jews and when?

          Weren’t those assimilating European Jews on the road to become non-Jews and during a very short period of time?


  3. Interesting article regarding (the problems of) remaining Jew … in Israel:

    An Israeli wedding between an Arab and a Jew

    It is worth recognizing that Judaism is not only a religion or nationality, but also a rich culture based on language and literature thousands of years old. There is no reason to prevent non-Jews from belonging to Judaism and taking part in it.

    In my opinion, the State of Israel and the Jewish people in general have an interest in accepting new members without examining the Kippahs of those aspiring members—whether they are secular Jews, practice another religion, or belong to a different culture.

    Not to mention the question, which has yet to be answered, of whether an Israeli nation has been established in Israel.,7340,L-5371760,00.html?utm_source=Taboola_internal&utm_medium=organic

    Regarding the ‘unanswered’ question, my answer is No. There is a Jewish nation / people, not an Israeli anything.

    The author has quite a fridge position in Israel. As one commenter noted,

    “Liberal Israeli values, LOL.
    Just look at all those comments on this thread, and then tell me where those mythical liberal Israelis that they keep telling us about are hiding. Face it: Israel is a theocracy, just like Iran. The only difference is in some of the minor details.”

    I disagree with the comparison to Iran, but do agree with “mythical liberal Israelis part.” Though even this part is problematic since it ignores the difference between marrying not a Jew (as Netanyahu’s 2nd wife who was not Jewish) and marrying an Arab with whose people we are at war.

    David from New York predicts : “Israelis laugh when I say that intermarriage in Israel is a serious problem. ive seen a fair number of intermarriages between Israelis and Filipinos, but ultimately there will be major league intermarriage between the religious jews and arabs. as the arabs assimilate, they will seek intermarriage. id give it another 20 years before it becomes a huge issue”


      1. I thought she never would. It seems like most Democrats and liberals haven’t. Even progressives who didn’t like her and thought she was out of touch don’t.


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