Evil Apple Pie

I obviously don’t agree with this article by Kevin Williamson but I love the writing:

If President Trump were this morning to issue a proclamation praising mom and apple pie, you can be sure that black-clad misfits would gather in the public squares of Portland to hurl profanity and illiteracy at mom and her wicked white-supremacist pastries.

The saddest thing is that they quite literally would and my FB feed would explode with sincere support.

5 thoughts on “Evil Apple Pie”

  1. “If President Trump were this morning to issue a proclamation praising mom and apple pie”
    Meh, it’s been done (better) before.

    (description: two part image, the upper image has Trump giving a thumbs up sign with the label “Trump cures cancer!”, the bottom image are protestors with signs reading: Curing cancer is racist! We want our cancer back! Trump hates doctors!


  2. That’s funny. Except that people would attack the cancer cure as part of the grim march toward neoliberalism’s complete world domination, a Heritage Foundation kludge that exists to enrich corporations without changing their environmental behavior, a Trojan horse that brought in foreign born scientists into the country, vaccinating millions by fiat thus making autism explode and people super-fat. It also killed babies, tortured animals, and is part of the Deep State’s attempt to enact the One World Government.



  3. I have to admit that if Trump issued a proclamation in favor of apple pie, my immediate thought would be “Did he just buy a bakery?”


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