The Essence of Liberalism

Only in America would a person even think to say that anyone presenting herself to a surgeon as simply wanting this or that surgery must get it. The special brew here, of limitless national wealth and limitless personal entitlement, is uniquely American.

This isn’t American. This is simply liberal. This is the essence of today’s liberalism (progressivism, leftism, call it what you may.) The desiring individual should always get the object of desire. Any obstacle between the desiring individual and fulfilment of the desire is an intolerable violence.

Often, the desiring individual has no idea what it is s/he actually desires at any given moment and is enraged by the universe for not figuring it out and providing it anyway.

This is precisely the reason why modern liberals (progressives, leftists, etc) can’t articulate and defend their position on things like immigration, healthcare, UBI, environment, welfare, etc. The position is that “But I wanna, I wanna, I wanna!” is the most important claim in the world. But it’s impossible to explain why it’s so crucial to sacrifice everything to feeding the insatiable Iwannas of the desiring consumer.


2 thoughts on “The Essence of Liberalism”

  1. What baffles me is that this op-ed has apparently been the subject of a massive backlash despite making an unapologetic case for transgender people to completely control their own bodies without permission from others.

    I guess there were still a few thoughtcrimes in this. Eventually even the most faithful Komsomol members must get purged.


    1. That’s because the author says surgery won’t bring happiness. That’s the thoughtcrime. The orthodoxy is that paying out large sums to the medical industry brings undoubted ecstasy.


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