The EU Army

I think Macron wants an EU army because he’s afraid that civil unrest in France is not going to go away by itself and that at some point he won’t be able to count on the French army to put down a rebellion by French citizens… so he wants an integrated EU force to do it.

This is a very important point. Austerity (aka the erosion of the nation-state) isn’t going away. It will be rammed through with violence if necessary. It’s only fitting that the violence is as supra-national as the forces it serves.


10 thoughts on “The EU Army”

  1. The German military has had a lot of experience controlling restive French civilians. Why doesn’t Macron just invite the Bundeswehr in? 🙂


        1. ” most Germans don’t realize that they’ve done that”
          And IME they get really snippy and passive aggressive when it’s pointed out that for all its talk of Solidarity Germany always does what’s in the short term interest of German financial interests and tries to bully other countries into following suit..


    1. Tell your family not to worry! Vainglorious French leaders have talked about forming an internal Western European army (excluding the U.S. and U.K.) ever since De Gaulle withdrew France from NATO in 1966 — and the German leaders have always laughed at them.

      Large standing armies are expensive to maintain. The ONLY way the spoiled social welfare countries in Western Europe could afford to build a credible military force would be by either moving a large portion of government funds out of social welfare programs, or by raising their already relatively high personal income taxes. If any Western European government dared to try that, its citizens would promptly vote the idiot politicians out of power.

      It won’t happen — not in your lifetime or your mine.

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      1. “German leaders have always laughed at them”

        Not this time. Merkel’s on board just maybe quibbling about the timing (Macron’s in a hurry as French unrest grows). In theory she’s a lame duck, but she’s still in power and (I think) looking for some way to hold onto office with her nasty, bloodsmeared fingernails (she’s a compulsive nail biter, close ups of her hands are pretty gruesome…)


  2. Other people have reached the same conclusion:

    // One clue is that Macron and Merkel are talking about only an army – no navy or air force. If you don’t have an air force, then you don’t get far on the ground. That is the first clue about whom they think the new E.U. army will be fighting. It won’t be any country with an air force.

    Another clue is the E.U. crackdown on private ownership of guns. The E.U. even coerced Switzerland into changing its gun laws. The E.U. restricts Swiss access to the European market to get what it wants.

    The E.U. is afraid of an armed citizenry, which might rebel against the self-perpetuating regime in Brussells. E.U. bureaucrats know that their diktats with respect to immigration and other matters are deeply unpopular and that an insurrection might break up their empire. Their model in coping with that is the Austro-Hungarian empire, which was made up of a multitude of ethnicities that didn’t have a common language or heritage. That empire kept order by raising military units in one ethnicity and stationing them in a province that didn’t speak the language of the soldiers. This meant that orders to shoot civilians were more likely to be carried out.

    The new E.U. army will be Europeans killing their fellow Europeans so that Brussells remains in charge. That is what it is all about.


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