Aren’t We Forgetting Something?

On the news tonight: “Russia and Ukraine may be on the brink of war. . . The largest hostilities since the annexation of the Crimea.”


10,000 dead and 1,5 displaced in the Donbass. Every day somebody dies there. It stinks that 6 Ukrainian sailors were wounded last week but it’s not even on the short list for the largest hostilities. Dumb fuckers.

Another Mystery Solved

God, folks, this might be old news to everybody, but I had no idea:

I went home and did some research, and was amazed at what I read on various forums and blogs. It seems that it is actually well documented that major phone companies purposefully slow down old phones in an attempt to push consumers to upgrade to newer devices. This has been documented by a Harvard study, as well as major publications such as CNN, CNET, NBC, and even Apple themselves!

The bastards! I don’t own an iPhone but does Samsung do it, too? I have a feeling they might.


This is the funniest story ever. This lady is “a clinical psychologist,” and she can’t figure out that when a grown woman battles mommy and daddy over political signs in her yard that’s not about politics at all. Of course, it’s convenient for her to pretend that this is all about her being principled instead of an immature person who is still fighting, at the verge of retirement, the battles people usually win in adolescence.