Another Mystery Solved

God, folks, this might be old news to everybody, but I had no idea:

I went home and did some research, and was amazed at what I read on various forums and blogs. It seems that it is actually well documented that major phone companies purposefully slow down old phones in an attempt to push consumers to upgrade to newer devices. This has been documented by a Harvard study, as well as major publications such as CNN, CNET, NBC, and even Apple themselves!

The bastards! I don’t own an iPhone but does Samsung do it, too? I have a feeling they might.

3 thoughts on “Another Mystery Solved”

  1. Eh, that’s not really the reason. The problem is always the batteries. All batteries only have limit lifespans – they can only be charged and discharged so many times. What Apple said was that new software updates do have provisions to throttle the CPU if it would help extend the life of an older battery. The alternative is a phone that only lasts a few hours on each charge, even if no use.


  2. Both Apple and Samsung were fined millions of euros last month by the Italian government’s “competition authority” for “deliberately slowing down phones.”

    Apple has admitted doing so (giving the reason explained in FA’s post above) and has apologized for deceptive advertising policies. Samsung claims innocence and is planning to appeal.


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